Top 7 must-try street foods in Cambodia

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Top 7 must-try street foods in Cambodia
Cambodian street food is not as famous as its counterpart Thailand. The cuisine, in general, is overshadowed by its popular neighbors Thailand and Vietnam. However, once you go deep into Cambodian cuisine, you will discover unique and amazing flavors.

  • Lort Cha

    Lort ChaLort Cha

    Lort cha is one of the most popular Cambodian street foods. This is made from noodles, bean sprouts, and leeks. Locals often get fried with beef or eggs. The dish served with thick red pepper sauce, spicy delicious. You can find street vendors in Lort cha at the street or at Phnom Penh or Siem Reap markets.

  • Lok lak

    Lok lakLok lak

    This classic Southeast Asian treat has its roots in Vietnam. However, once lok lak landed in Cambodia, it became overwhelmingly popular. One possible reason is the juicy beef, a favourite local meat that comes in colossal portions. This stir fried meat is typically topped with a salad of sweet tomato, crispy lettuce, raw cucumber and fresh onion, all served seasoned with lime juice and black pepper. Travelers can opt for the traditional way of eating, wrapped up in a lettuce leaf in the way of classic Cambodian culture.

  • Cambodian Bamboo Sticky Rice

    Cambodian Bamboo Sticky RiceCambodian Bamboo Sticky Rice

    Bamboo sticky rice, known as Kralan in Khmer, is a type of sticky rice roasted in bamboo sticks. It is made of sticky rice mixed with black beans grated coconut and coconut milk. The mixture is packed into a bamboo stick and slowly roasted over a charcoal fire until cooked.

  • Pickled fruit

    Pickled fruitPickled fruit

    Cambodia is the land for pickled fruit, where travelers are able to find all kinds of pickled snacks including papaya, jujube, apple, cucumber and guava. Fresh fruit is also available for sale in the stalls. Travelers can always get a small bag of sauce that blends sugar, salt, chilies and other seasoning to dip the fruit in.

  • Num Pang

    Num PangNum Pang

    You will think of Vietnamese Banh My when you see it, but this is the taste of Cambodia, but personally feel more delicious than Vietnamese Banh My. It is not too tasty to use ham, meat, cucumbers, carrots and other side dishes from Cambodian fobs. You will find a cart with a baguette at a market or office annex, a hawker at Num pang.

    However, if you want to try the more modern Rouga, a new open chain restaurant in Phnom Penh, Nompang offers a wide range of baguettes and side dishes. Try the classic taste of red pork and ham too, very tasty!

  • Fried bread and shrimp cakes

    Fried bread and shrimp cakesFried bread and shrimp cakes

    In Siem Reap local market, you will be shocked by the rich fried bread and shrimp cake. You can see vendors at stalls making golden crispy fried French bread in a hot pan with delicious shrimp and shrimp. Seemingly a bit weird combination, it will make you feel shocked, but actually it would be so delicious.

  • Chive Cakes

    Chive CakesChive Cakes

    One of the popular Cambodia street foods you will see everywhere are street vendors selling small chive cakes on bicycles. These Cambodian chive cakes are fried in shallow pans, and made with glutinous rice flour and served with a sweet spicy fish sauce.

    Chive cakes, also known as Num Kachay, are a popular street food in Cambodia, originating from China. While the ingredients are simple, the taste is surprisingly delicious. They are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. When dipped into the sweet spicy fish sauce, the flavors blend together perfectly in the mouth. This was one of our favorite Cambodian street foods.

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