A day trip in Kampot, Cambodia

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A day trip in Kampot, Cambodia
Kampot is a sleepy town, relatively free of tourists, located a few hours away from Phnom Penh. There are plenty of places to visit in Kampot making it one of the best things to do in Cambodia.

  • Visit Phnom Bokor National Park

    Visit Phnom Bokor National ParkVisit Phnom Bokor National Park

    The 140,000 hectares that make up this national park feature breathtaking natural vistas and an amazing array of wildlife. The wildlife ranges from foxes to tigers, snakes and one of the biggest herds of elephant in Cambodia. There are also waterfalls, exotic flora and hiking trails to explore between the jungles. These are all interspersed with some curious remnants of French colonialism.

  • Kayak on the river

    Kayak on the riverKayak on the river

    Depending on where you are renting, you can become a pioneer of the 30-kilometer Kampot River on your very own kayak for as little as $2 an hour. There are tons of guesthouses and shops around Kampot that offer kayak tours and kayaks for your own explorations.

    Visit Greenhouse Guest House who will help you map out the ideal kayaking route to include mangroves, rapids, bird watching and peaceful views. Samon Village Kampot rents their kayaks on competitive half day and full day rates and is located closer to town and many guesthouses.

  • Stand-up paddle boarding

    Stand-up paddle boardingStand-up paddle boarding

    This energetic water sport originated in Hawaii but quickly crossed to the waterways around Kampot, where it is now a popular pastime. Amiable and professional guides offer travelers an introduction to the sport. It is said to be one of the best ways to explore the rural side of Cambodia and the floating villages on the riversides around town.

  • Take a pepper plantation farm tour

    Take a pepper plantation farm tourTake a pepper plantation farm tour

    If you are travelling in Cambodia, you cannot miss Kampot pepper farms. The town’s terrain makes it ideal for pepper to grow, which has been a vital source of livelihood for farmers here.

    You can take a tour to one of these farms to know all about growing various types of pepper. You also get to taste Cambodian food in lunch offered on the trip. Take a group or private tours, or you can do it by yourself renting a motorbike or going by tuk-tuk.

  • Eat at the night market

    Eat at the night marketEat at the night market

    Head towards “The Big Durian” roundabout intersection where you will find stall after stall of street food to hit the spot. You can try grilled Khmer delicacies on a stick, comfort food in the form of noodle soup and beef sandwiches, and sweet treats such as mango sticky rice.

    There are plastic tables and chairs where you can chill out with your crew, taking your time as you go and picking dishes at random to create the perfect spread. You will also find plenty of stalls where you can find clothing, shoes, hammocks, souvenirs, and more. You could easily spend a couple hours just roaming around and practicing your haggling skills.

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