Top attractions to explore in Stung Treng, Cambodia

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Top attractions to explore in Stung Treng, Cambodia
Stung Treng is a northern province of Cambodia. It was formerly called Xieng Teng and was once a part of the vast Khmer Empire, then the Lao kingdom of Lan Xang and later the Lao kingdom of Champassack.

It is a friendly, quiet country town situated on the confluence of the San River and the Mekong River. It actually sits on the banks of the San River, with the mighty Mekong coming into the picture on the northeastern outskirts of the town.
  • Phnom Preah Theat

    Phnom Preah TheatPhnom Preah Theat

    Phnom Preah Theat is located in Thmey Village and Commune, Stung Treng District, about 2 kilometes from Provincial Town. It is a Nature Wildlife and Preserves. It is situated in the quaint realms of the hamlet better known as Thmey. Tourists flock to the Phnom Preah Theat to get a glimpse of the dense forests of the reserve as well as its unique and rare wildlife.

    In fact, some of the grounds of the Phnom Preah Theat in Stung Treng in Cambodia are so thickly filled with vegetation that it is impossible for the sun's rays to penetrate them. There are some pathways that run across the entire length of the Phnom Preah Theat. These pathways have been constructed so that tourists can walk through them comfortably as the terrains of the Phnom Preah Theat are quite 'jungly'.

  • Mekong Blue

    Mekong BlueMekong Blue

    Part of the Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre, this silk-weaving centre on the outskirts of town specializes in exquisite silk products for sale and export. It is possible to observe the dyers and weavers, most of whom come from vulnerable or impoverished backgrounds. The centre is about 4km east of the town centre on the riverside road that continues under the bridge.

  • Koh Ksach Resort

    Koh Ksach ResortKoh Ksach Resort

    Koh Ksach Resort is located along the river of Se Kong in 5 kilometer distance from the provincial town. The site features a beautiful sandy beach, 2 kilometers long and one-half kilometer wide, where visitor can swim or relax. It can be visited only during the dry season and especially popular during Khmer New Year. Koh Ksach Resort provides good accommodation to the travelers who come here from all parts of the world. This is a fine resort and is known for its hospitality as well as for its location. It has a very picturesque location, which makes it become one of those attractions in Stung Treng that promises to provide some charming scenery.

    If you want to reach here within a short time then you should take a boat ride down the Mekong River. Travelers lodging in the resort will also get a chance to take a closer look at the river. It feels good to walk down the sandy beach with your partner by your side. The beach is also a place of entertainment and you can play games like beach volleyball.

  • Hang Kho Ba Pagoda

    Hang Kho Ba PagodaHang Kho Ba Pagoda

    Hang Kho Ba Pagoda, located at Hang Kho Ba Village, is the cultural and historical site. It is six-kilometer distance from the provincial town by the road to the airport, then turning left across the river of Se Kong. The pagoda of Hang Kho Ba is over 300 years. The local people there speak Lao majorly.

  • Pream Buorn Lveng Temple

    Pream Buorn Lveng TemplePream Buorn Lveng Temple

    Pream Buorn Lveng Temple is located in Kang de Sor Village, Thala Bariwatt District. It is very easy to reach this temple from the provincial town with only 6 kilometers. You can rent a motorbike to ride by yourself. Most of the accommodations are not far from this Pream Buorn Lveng Temple.

    This is the place that every travelers should visit to understand the kind of religious belief the local people believe in to. You can worship here as well. This can be one reason why this shrine was built here.

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