What to do when you are in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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What to do when you are in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Despite the fact that Cambodia attracts a lower number of tourists than its neighboring countries, Sihanoukville is popular for its natural beauty and untouched beaches. With plenty to see and do, Sihanoukville is one of the greatest cities to explore when in Cambodia.

  • Wat Leu Temple

    Wat Leu TempleWat Leu Temple

    Cambodia is known for its Buddhist Wats or temples. They are an absolute must-see when you visit the country. The temples are stylistically diverse, ranging from the green-tinged stone of Angkor Wat to the colorful pointed roofs of temples such as Wat Leu, which resembles a pagoda. Religiously significant and intriguing in its architecture, Wat Leu has several features to note, such as the three-headed carved white elephant, its gold decorations and a huge black statue of the Lord Buddha. This is an attraction representative of Cambodia’s rich spiritual culture.

  • Beaches


    Sihanoukville earns its reputation as Cambodia’s premier seaside resort with an array of beaches to wonder along. The beaches boast white powdery sand, stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand and a calm atmosphere. A few of the famous beaches to explore include Otres, Ochheuteal and Serendipity, each of which has its own collection of beach bars for that necessary mid-afternoon cocktail.

  • Water Sports

    Water SportsWater Sports

    Sihanoukville is an ideal location for a number of water sports activities and adventures, essential accomplishments for any beach holiday. Submerge yourself in the ocean and get a good view of the coral and sea creatures lurking in Sihanoukville’s depths on a scuba diving trip. If diving is too extreme, many places on the beach offer snorkeling trips, fun for having a flipper around. Other water sports activities include kayaking, windsurfing, and for a slightly higher price, you can practice kitesurfing. All of these activities make for a thrilling day by the sea.

  • Khmer Cooking Class

    Khmer Cooking ClassKhmer Cooking Class

    Learning how to make culinary Khmer specialties is an essential activity for any lover of Southeast Asian cuisine. With experienced chefs giving clear instructions, the use of authentic ingredients and the opportunity to take recipe cards home so that you can replicate the experience, a traditional Khmer cookery class is an original and rewarding way to spend the day. Among the range of dishes, visitors can learn to cook. A few that stand out are the Banana Flower Salad, Lok Lac, and Spring rolls.

  • Kbal Chhay Waterfall

    Kbal Chhay WaterfallKbal Chhay Waterfall

    Kbal Chhay Waterfall is seven kilometers away from the center of Sihanoukville. The trip in a tuk-tuk to get there is reasonably priced, so it is worth venturing out of the city to admire this serene natural spot. If you visit after the monsoon period the waterfall has a spectacularly strong flow. Surrounded by tall green trees this is the perfect environment for witnessing Cambodia’s tropical jungle-like geography.

  • Golden Lions Roundabout

    Golden Lions RoundaboutGolden Lions Roundabout

    Hard to miss yet not to be missed, the Golden Lion Roundabout is an iconic landmark in Sihanoukville. Comprised of a lion and lioness coated in yellowy gold paint sporting scary facial expressions and unrealistic proportions, the lions in the roundabout are prominent. A great pointer as to where you are located in Sihanoukville, the roundabout is surrounded by a number of restaurants and bars worthy of a visit.

  • Mini Golf

    Mini GolfMini Golf

    Perfect for a laid-back competition, mini golf is a great activity to partake in during a lazy day on the beach. You can find mini golf facilities at Queenco Palm Beach, Ream National Park, and Mollie Golf Mini Golf. Mollie Golf Mini Golf, located near the Ochheuteal beach, offers very good value for money. It costs between $1.50 and $3.50 to play 18 holes. Visitors can have some drinks at the golf course, and they also offer free entry to their gardens.

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