Explore Kampot, Cambodia’s hidden gem

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Explore Kampot, Cambodia’s hidden gem
Kampot lies in the South of Cambodia and it’s a far from the manic nature of the capital Phnom Penh, an oasis of tranquility that many people fell in love with.

Kampot may not be the first name that appears in your head when thinking of "romantic getaway" but if you have a chance to go to Cambodia, you will realize this is such a perfect getaway to escape to.
  • Where to stay in Kampot?

    Where to stay in Kampot?Where to stay in Kampot?

    Kampot is known for its spectacular winding river. It makes a prime riverside destination. There are a variety of guest houses, hotels, and hostel located alongside the riverbed and it's here that you want to stay and relax. A resort named "Bamboo Bungalow" is the absolutely perfect spot.

    It's a bonus that the food at the resort is also reasonably priced as well as the ability to rent moped among other activities.

  • Things to do in Kampot

    Things to do in KampotThings to do in Kampot

    Kampot isn’t difficult to drive and it’s nowhere near as manic as the capital city, and it’s wonderful to have the flexibility to create your own itinerary and take your time visiting the best spots.

  • Explore the river

    Explore the riverExplore the river

    These are the best Kampot activities: going kayaking, standing up paddle boarding, and swimming off the beach. You can rent kayaks for $6/hour and paddle boards for $8/hour.

  • Visit the salt fields

    Visit the salt fieldsVisit the salt fields

    Kampot is the land of salt and pepper. The salt field is just outside of town. Salt water is brought from the sea 5 kilometers away into prepared clay fields and left to evaporate until salt crystals form.

  • Visit a Kampot Pepper Farm

    Visit a Kampot Pepper FarmVisit a Kampot Pepper Farm

    Further afield towards the beach town Kep is pepper plantation that produces some of the best pepper in the world. The green berries are sun-dried to make black pepper, while the riper red peppercorns are boiled to remove the skin leaving the white pepper seed inside.

  • Day trip to Kep and Rabbit Island

    Day trip to Kep and Rabbit IslandDay trip to Kep and Rabbit Island

    Kep is a small coastal town 30 minutes from Kampot. It’s another sleepy town but lacks a town center, so Kampot makes the better base for this area. It’s known for its crab market and butterfly-filled Kep National Park.
    From Kep, you can take a 30-minute boat ride ($25 for the whole boat) to Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay), a tranquil place to spend the day.

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