A day to explore hidden gem Kampot in Cambodia

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A day to explore hidden gem Kampot in Cambodia
Kampot is a peaceful riverside town near the south coast of Cambodia. It’s far from the manic nature of the capital Phnom Penh, an oasis of tranquility that many people fell in love with.

  • Visit Kampot Pepper Farm

    Visit Kampot Pepper FarmVisit Kampot Pepper Farm

    Further afield towards the beach town Kep is pepper plantation that produces some of the best pepper in the world. The green berries are sun-dried to make black pepper, while the riper red peppercorns are boiled to remove the skin leaving the white pepper seed inside.

  • Rock Climbing at Climbodia

    Rock Climbing at ClimbodiaRock Climbing at Climbodia

    If you like extreme sports that defy gravity, why not take a shot at rock climbing in Cambodia? The climbing pros at Climbodia will guide you as you embark on 35-meter top rope climb to reach a cliff side summit with amazing views of salt flats, Bokor Mountain, and on a clear day, as far as Phu Quoc in Vietnam. Climbodia also offers abseiling tours where you drop down 30 meters into a hole in the earth with only a head lamp to guide the way.

  • Explore the Local village via motorbike

    Explore the Local village via motorbikeExplore the Local village via motorbike

    Some of the most rewarding days spent in Kampot are the days where you just point yourself in a general direction and drive. Head towards Nut Hill (Phnom Dung), Fishing Island (Koh D’tray), or Kampot’s salt fields to immerse yourself in some incredible scenery.

    You’ll drive past small shops offering bottles of petrol and cans of beer, as well as local restaurants serving authentic Cambodian dishes and friendly company from the locals. Drive slowly along the red clay roads as you pass rice fields with cheerful Cambodian farmers, lazy water buffalo and local kids who will be equally excited and surprised to see you.

  • Get relaxed at Banteay Srey

    Get relaxed at Banteay SreyGet relaxed at Banteay Srey

    Banteay Srey trains Khmer women, most of whom come from difficult backgrounds, in spa services so that they can advance their quality of life.

    Indulge in traditional Khmer massage, steam massage, facials, and other spa services that help “women connect with women”. You can also join in on the daily yoga classes and then enjoy some fresh fruit juice to replenish your system.

  • Visit Phnom Bokor National Park

    Visit Phnom Bokor National ParkVisit Phnom Bokor National Park

    The 140,000 hectares that make up this national park feature breathtaking natural vistas and an amazing array of wildlife. The wildlife ranges from foxes to tigers, snakes and one of the biggest herds of elephant in Cambodia. There are also waterfalls, exotic flora and hiking trails to explore between the jungles. These are all interspersed with some curious remnants of French colonialism.

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