A day trip in Yufuin, Japan

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A day trip in Yufuin, Japan
Yufuin is quite a popular hot spring located at about 10 km from Beppo, which is a larger and developed resort. The city is a hot destination for the tourists as there are many cafes, boutiques and art museum where the tourists can come and spend their day.

The area is surrounded by mountains from all sides and there are a lot of things to do in Yufuin. So here are the top things to do in Yufuin.
  • Yufuin Floral Village

    Yufuin Floral VillageYufuin Floral Village

    Yufuin Floral Village is a unique amusement facility established in 2012. Representing Cotswold, the most beautiful village in the world located in England, Yufuin Floral Village is very famous among both the locals and the visitors as well.

    You would feel like you just jumped into a fairytale book as you entered this site. You can see many beautiful and cute buildings made from stone, and colorful flowers blooming covering the garden. You can also find many shops selling peter rabbit and harry potter merchandises, and bakeries selling cute breads and confectioneries as well. Ladies travelers can also stay at the ladies hotel as well, which is equipped with public bath as well.

  • Yufuin Stained Glass Museum

    Yufuin Stained Glass MuseumYufuin Stained Glass Museum

    This is quite a strange subject matter to have in a museum in a small Japanese town. The museum is contained in two buildings; a brick built house called Neil’s House that looks like it has just been transplanted from England (in fact it looks very similar to my Mum’s house!) and, next door, a brick built church called St. Robert Chapel.

    Both buildings are filled with replicas of stained glass windows found in churches and cathedrals of various European countries. The church is available for rent as a wedding venue.

  • Mount Yufu

    Mount YufuMount Yufu

    Mount Yufu is a large mountain standing at about 1,583.3 m and located at the border of Yufuin and Beppu. It is mostly an up and down hike with the splendid scenery at the top. You should do the hiking in the winter season when the mountains are frozen, it looks quite pretty. The great thing about this hiking trip is that you will not get bored even if you do it again and again. You will find many other tourists hiking beside you and greeting you.

  • Lake Kinrin

    Lake KinrinLake Kinrin

    In addition to Mount Yufu, Lake Kinrin is another best natural landmark of Yufuin, which is a small lake located at the end of the town’s main walking route.

    The lake produces not just natural hot springs, but also clean water as well. The water temperature of this lake is relatively high compared to other lakes in Japan and it has a very clear surface as well. You can enjoy watching the fresh water fish swimming around the lake during the day and a great sunset view. In addition to its great sceneries, you can also find many small shops and cafes, a small shrine (Tenso Shrine), and some public baths along the walking paths.

  • Chagall Museum

    Chagall MuseumChagall Museum

    The Chagall Museum also stands next to Lake Kinrin and is a great place to see the works of the Russian-born painter. This museum features dozens of Chagall’s works that you can see for just 600 yen. The second floor of the museum is where you can see the actual paintings, and the first floor has a nice cafe with coffee and desserts so you can relax after taking a walk around the exhibit.

  • Shopping


    All kinds of souvenir, handicraft, artisan and specialty food shops line the main street. Japanese gourmet cakes, pastries, sweets, ice creams and delicacies seem particularly popular. Also cute stuff like Hello Kitty and Studio Ghibli merchandise.

  • Yufuin Burger

    Yufuin BurgerYufuin Burger

    If you are feeling a bit hungry after a day of exploring the area, stop by Yufuin Burger for one of Yufuin’s best treats. They have a few different kinds of burgers, like egg and bacon, chicken burgers, and beef burgers, with different toppings and sauces.

    Not only can you choose from a variety of styles but you can also choose between the Australian beef patties and the Oita beef patties for those who want to keep it local. The former go for around ¥ 1,000 per person, choosing the local beef will set you back about ¥ 1,600 per person.

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