Top 6 yummy sushi restaurants in Osaka

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Top 6 yummy sushi restaurants in Osaka
Osaka is one of the most-visited cities by gourmands from the all over the world in Japan. They look for nice Japanese food restaurants, and Osaka offers a great number of chances to dine the most popular Japanese food, Sushi. There are various Sushi restaurants in Osaka from budget belt-conveyor restaurants to luxury Sushi bars.

  • Sushi Saeki

    Sushi SaekiSushi Saeki

    Michelin-starred restaurant Saeki is widely considered the number one sushi restaurant in Osaka. The restaurant boasts a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere, with only 10 seats at the counter from where customers can watch their sushi being made and head chef Saeki can explain the menu, the background of the ingredients, and their selection of available plates. Saeki’s true value can be determined by their perfect balance between rice and toppings. The rice showcases superb softness and creates a nice harmony with the fresh seasonal seafood.

  • Nakatani


    Nakatani with a Michelin star is one of the top-rated Sushi restaurants in Osaka, located in the Hozenji area in Dotonbori. The master chef, a good judge of fish, buys fresh and quality ingredients in Japan everydays, and makes a piece of Sushi delicately. About 10 kinds of Japanese Sake are always stocked, and the chef picks up the one suitable for you. Nakatani has only 8 seats, so it is strongly recommended to make a reservation for your sure experience.

  • Sushi Hoshiyama

    Sushi HoshiyamaSushi Hoshiyama

    This sushi spot, frequented mostly by its regular patrons, has a secluded feel amid the downtown area of Kitashinchi. All their dishes are multi-course meals during which each individual item is served at the perfect timing. As for the toppings, they pay particular attention to where they come from. Their octopus and amadai (tilefish) are procured from Akashi, while the kohada (gizzard shad) is from Amakusa. They put a special touch in preparing the ingredients, like parboiling or wrapping them with kombu, to bring out their flavors to the fullest without ruining the original flavors. Aside from the food, their special tableware, such as the Imari ware and antique glasses, are worth your attention.

  • Ginza Kyubey

    Ginza KyubeyGinza Kyubey

    Inside the Imperial Hotel in Osaka is a fine-dining establishment that serves exquisite sushi. You will not get your everyday sushi at Ginza Kyubey – here, they add a special touch to every meal. Their fish is at its freshest and they use ingredients of outstanding quality. Watching the expert chefs at work is a great source of entertainment. The customer service is next to none and the atmosphere is classy yet unpretentious.

  • Harasho


    Harasho is the only Sushi restaurant which wins Michelin stars in Osaka and one of the most difficult restaurant to book a seat. For the best appraised Sushi dishes with premium fish and other ingredients, you should visit this Sushi bar, which is worth spending the price. The business hours of Harasho are divided into three parts, one for lunch and two for dinner. You can experience the finest Sushi at a little more budget rate for lunch.

  • Uoshin Honten

    Uoshin HontenUoshin Honten

    Uoshin Honten is a bit more unique than most other sushi restaurants you will find in Osaka. They serve sushi with large slices of fish, yet the prices are still affordable and they don’t compromise on taste or quality. Because of the size of their sushi, the prices on the menu are for one piece, not one plate. One order comes with two filling pieces of sushi that will simply melt in your mouth. Grab a seat at the counter and watch the chefs at work.

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