Top attractions in Beppu, Japan

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Top attractions in Beppu, Japan
Beppu is a place worth visiting to experience its many “hells”. The town has a total of eight springs, each with a different experience, and visitors come from far and wide to steam bathe, sunbathe, mud bath, and sand bathe on these unique natural wonders.

Though the hot springs may be the popular attractions in this town, there are lots of interesting things that make a visit worthwhile. If you have had the town on your travel bucket list, but are not certain of what exactly to do upon arrival, here is a look at the top things to do in Beppu, Japan.
  • Hells of Beppu

    Hells of BeppuHells of Beppu

    As noted earlier, the hot springs are some of the major attractions in this island city. Also known as onsen, the hot springs provides “natural swimming pools” where visitors can simply go and dip themselves and enjoy as they soak in the heat.

    Most of the hotels have their own hot springs which are open for their guests’ use but there are also a lot of bathhouses within the town and the surrounding regions which are always open to the public. Some people believe that the hot springs have medicinal and therapeutic benefits, but whether or not you believe such, this is an experience you must not miss when you are in Beppu.

  • Beppu Tower

    Beppu TowerBeppu Tower

    Along with Tokyo tower and Tsutenkaku tower, this tower is considered one of the 6 tower brothers in Japan. It is 90m height and a symbol of Beppu city.

    From the observatory on 17th floor, you can enjoy a beautiful view in 360 degree. Inside the tower, there are restaurants, karaoke, foot bath, and etc.

  • Sand Bath

    Sand BathSand Bath

    Beppu is known for its quirky attractions and one of these is the sand baths that you can try all over town.

    One of the best places to have a sand bath however is at Shoningahama Beach which is a place on the coast where the sand is heated by the spring waters which bubble beneath the surface. People flock here to be buried up to their necks in the sand, and this is said to have thermal properties which make the body more relaxed and soothe aches and pains.

  • Hyotan Onsen

    Hyotan OnsenHyotan Onsen

    A visit to Beppu will never be complete without a visit to Hyotan Onsen, Japan’s only three-Michelin-starred springs. Whether you are a solo traveler, traveling with your partner, or with the entire family, this will be one of the most memorable hot spring baths you will ever encounter.

    You will find a variety of baths where you can soak your skin and make all the stress disappear, and with sections dedicated for both men and women, you will have all the time you want to spend bathing.

  • Beppu Park

    Beppu ParkBeppu Park

    Beppu Park is located in the center of the city and is known for being reminiscent in style of parks in Tokyo and Kyoto.

    This is a nice strip of greenery in the city, and if you happen to be here in the spring time then you can walk around and check out the fluffy pink cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The park is also a riot of color in the fall season when you can check out the burnt copper autumn leaves.

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