What to do in Yokohama, Japan

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What to do in Yokohama, Japan
There is plenty of things to do in Yokohama, a city by the beach with a western mind, a Japanese heart and an international soul. Here is some ideas to get you started.

  • Marine and Walk Yokohama

    Marine and Walk YokohamaMarine and Walk Yokohama

    The Marine and Walk Yokohama mall matches the relaxed ambiance of Yokohama Bay, bringing a refreshing dose of international culture with it. Browse unique products from a bespoke collection of boutiques, including design shops, bag makers and apparel from both domestic and international brands. An array of quirky gourmet stops make it easy to spend the whole day here; including a pie specialty shop, champion paella and a newly opened Peanuts Diner dedicated to all things Snoopy.

  • Hara Railway Museum

    Hara Railway MuseumHara Railway Museum

    The Hara Model Railway Museum showcases over 6000 model trains and a massive, incredibly detailed diorama of a cityscape complete with trains. If you or someone you know is interested in trains, then this is the place to go to learn about their history, differences in types, and more - a free tablet with QR code reading function is available to borrow here, so that international guests can read all about these trains in eight different languages too (English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Thai, German, French and Spanish).

  • Shipdeck Rooftop

    Shipdeck RooftopShipdeck Rooftop

    The Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal services vessels up to large-scale cruise ships and the pier were reconstructed as part of a project to redevelop Yokohama’s port area.

    Designed by London-based architects, all the floors in the public spaces are wooden, making it feel like you are walking on a ship’s deck. The 24-hour rooftop includes grass-covered areas which are the perfect spot on a spring day for relaxing and winding down.

  • Japan’s biggest Chinatown

    Japan’s biggest ChinatownJapan’s biggest Chinatown

    Enter Yokohama’s vibrant Chinatown and prepare to be mesmerized by the sights and smells of nikuman (meat buns), geppei (mooncakes) and other varieties of steamed deliciousness lining the streets. Come with an empty stomach and see how long you can last before stepping in line to try it all yourself.

  • Red Brick Warehouse

    Red Brick WarehouseRed Brick Warehouse

    Get a feel for Yokohama’s old-new atmosphere at Akarenga Soko or the Red Brick Warehouse. The two brick-clad buildings were constructed in 1911 and 1913 and are located very near the spot where Commodore Perry’s Black Ships arrived in 1859. Step inside, though, and you will discover a whole new world of designer stores and stylish restaurants to keep you busy all day.

  • Yokohama Doll Museum

    Yokohama Doll MuseumYokohama Doll Museum

    In 1978, collector Hideko Oono decided to donate her entire collection of dolls to the city of Yokohama, a donation massive enough to warrant an entire museum. The four levels have a running theme of nostalgia, with the top floor devoted to a theater primarily for puppet shows.

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