Shopping in Sapa’s markets

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Shopping in Sapa’s markets
You might be wondering what to buy when traveling in Sapa. Just spending time wandering and seeking local goods to bring home and gift to family and friends can take a lot of time. Here are some ideas about presents made by the native people in the northern mountains of Vietnam you should visit.

  • The unique Sapa brocade

    The unique Sapa brocade The unique Sapa brocade

    Brocade is a traditional craftsmanship good of Sapa. The brocade fabrics are handmade by the ethnic people living in the northern mountains. Originally, this good was used in daily life. However, with the development of tourism, visitors have a chance to see it and maybe bring home a colorful skirt or handbag. With more and more access to tourism and travelers, visitors bring home these fabrics for friends and themselves. Creating and selling brocade goods has therefore become popular in Sapa.

    Where to buy: Ta Phin Village, Sapa Love Market, Bac Ha Market, Pho Nui Sapa, Hue Skill Sapa, Lan Rung Sapa

  • Armpit pork (Lon cap nach)

    Armpit pork (Lon cap nach)Armpit pork (Lon cap nach)

    The Mong people raise a small pig in order to make a special pork, which weighs about 5,7 kilograms. Instead of keeping the pigs in a cage, they let them walk around. That's why the meat is firmer and tastes better. The pork's skin is crispy and the meat is juicy. It is such a perfect dish to eat on a windy day.

    Where to buy: Fansipan Sapa Restaurant, Phong Quan - Lon Met Ban

  • Docynia Indica wine (Ruou tao meo)

    Docynia Indica wine (Ruou tao meo)Docynia Indica wine (Ruou tao meo)

    Docynia Indica wine is an exclusive beverage of Sapa. Hoang Lien Son is home to the Docynia Indica tree. Docynia Indica flowers blossom at the end of spring and the fruit ripens when Autumn arrives. Locals pick and ferment the fruit to make wine. It tastes like juice when you take a sip however, you may get drunk if you don’t pay attention to how many drinks you’ve had.

    Where to buy: Sapa Market

  • Plums and Pearls

    Plums and PearlsPlums and Pearls

    Sapa has a cool climate, which is perfect for planting fruit trees that cannot survive the tropical heat. Among them, pearls and plums are great gifts from nature to buy in Sapa. The fruit is grown organically in the local garden along the flank of the mountain. In addition, the sweet and sour taste also makes it hard to resist having more.

    Where to buy: Sapa Market or the ethnic villages.

    Notice: Some counties have a law that does not allow you to bring foreign fruits and plants home. Double check before packing.

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