What to do in Loei, Thailand

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What to do in Loei, Thailand
Loei is a western province in Thailand and is known for its diversity of people, terrains, and even temperatures! The province can fluctuate quite easily, and it is one of the only provinces to reach below 0°C in the winter.

But what makes Loei so impressive is the fact that this province has an incredible range of natural attractions. From caves to waterfalls, national parks to reservoirs, there a piece of paradise here for everyone who visits. Start planning your “things to do in Loei” itinerary with this list, right now, and get excited about your trip!
  • Suan Sawan

    Suan SawanSuan Sawan

    Letting you to get some adrenaline rush, Suan Sawan combines of rocky walking trail and a viewpoint. Recognized as the Heavenly Garden, this place is ideal for those who are looking for adventure during their trip to Loei. After walking and climbing through the rocks, you will reach the viewpoint from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The trip lasts for approximately one and half hours. Consider taking a guide with you in case you are willing to know more about the local place and stay on the right track. Your trip to Loei will remain incomplete without doing these things to do Loei city.

  • Phu Ruea National Park

    Phu Ruea National ParkPhu Ruea National Park

    Phu Ruea National Park is one of the largest and coldest areas in Thailand, in the winter season. This park is well known for having gorgeous winter flowers, rock gardens, and caves as well as cliffs and viewpoints. It is a great stop for travellers who love to bask in natural splendor.

    The park is great for families or just for a trip alone to take in the sights. There is a lot to do here, so plan on being at the park all day. And if you are in the mood for an evening drink, head on over to the Chateau de Loei Winery, the vineyard located at the base of the Phu Ruea Mountain.

  • Tham Erawan

    Tham ErawanTham Erawan

    High up in a beautiful karst mountain, directly on the Loei–Nong Bualamphu border, Tham Erawan is an amazing cave shrine reached by a steep but easily climbed stairway of 600 steps. The cave, with a big Buddha statue at its mouth, is very large and a line of lights leads you through the massive chamber and out the other side of the mountain.

    From roughly 11am to noon and again around 2pm to 3pm, a hole in the roof of the cave lets down shafts of sunlight, making for a spectacular atmosphere. Do not linger late in the afternoon as the monks are punctual about turning out the lights – we speak from experience.

  • Rock Garden

    Rock GardenRock Garden

    Often known as the Beautiful Rock Garden, the Sun Hin Pha Ngam attracts tourists because of eroded rocks which resemble to the Stone Forest in China. You should consider walking through the maze-like path crossing the forest with a guide who can introduce to the various elements of the garden. Even though the path might seem a little effort-consuming, it is all worth it at the end. This is considered to be one of the most significant things to do in Loei, Thailand.

  • Phi Ta Khon Museum

    Phi Ta Khon MuseumPhi Ta Khon Museum

    Wat Phon Chai, the temple behind the big white gate, plays a major role in the Phi Ta Khon festivities, so it is an appropriate home for this museum, also known as the Dansai Folk Museum. It has a collection of costumes worn during the celebrations and a display showing how the masks are made. There are few English captions, but the masks are great to see nonetheless.

    From the Dan Sai bus stop on the main highway, walk up the side road towards Dan Sai and the museum is on your right after 200m.

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