What to do in Koh Chang, Thailand

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What to do in Koh Chang, Thailand
Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island and is the home to outdoor sports, white sand beaches and abundant wildlife, making it a haven for nature lovers. Here is the guide for you to enjoy your trip on this tropical island.

  • Hike incredible jungle trails

    Hike incredible jungle trailsHike incredible jungle trails

    There are little hikes peppering the island, but the highlight is a cross-island trail connecting Klong Plu Waterfall and Than Mayom Waterfall. Here is where you can conquer the island’s rugged terrains and cool down in waterfalls. The island’s best offerings, though, are the arduous treks to the top of Mount Jom (630 metres) and Mount Salak Phet (744 metres). You can watch colourful birds along the way and the outstanding views from the peaks are truly worth the sweat.

  • Visit the shrine of Chao Por Koh Chang

    Visit the shrine of Chao Por Koh ChangVisit the shrine of Chao Por Koh Chang

    Not too far from Ao Thammachat pier is the highly-revered shrine of Chao Por and Chao Mae Koh Chang (the Godfather and Godmother Deities of Koh Chang). Legend has it that many prayers have been answered and many wishes granted.

  • Enjoy Bodiwork Spa and Tea House Koh Chang

    Enjoy Bodiwork Spa and Tea House Koh ChangEnjoy Bodiwork Spa and Tea House Koh Chang

    A traditional Thai massage is a great way to relieve your stress, both mental and physical. Bodiwork Spa and Tea House Koh Chang offers a great range of massage programs and treatments, including the Thai, sport and Swedish massages. The staff are professional and have been well trained in Bangkok. Apart from massages, jacuzzis, facial treatments and steam treatments are all available to enhance your relaxation.

  • Explore pristine waterfalls

    Explore pristine waterfallsExplore pristine waterfalls

    The mountains are the main source of water for the waterfalls in Koh Chang, hence it is pristine and pure. The most popular waterfall is Klong Plu, which cascades 600 metres over amber sun-soaked cliffs. Wander down the stream and you will find clear pools to soak in. If you are a real daredevil, we challenge you to scale cliffs and make an epic jump into the pool, but please check the depth of the water first.

  • Sign up for a cooking class

    Sign up for a cooking classSign up for a cooking class

    Want to eat Thai food every day? Join an authentic Thai cooking class. Koh Chang has lovely open-air kitchens where you can learn to prepare Thai food under the guidance of a teacher. The most popular school, Blue Lagoon, has classes once a day running from 11am to 4pm, and you will learn how to make 5–6 delicious Thai dishes.

  • Sunbathe on white-sand beaches

    Sunbathe on white-sand beachesSunbathe on white-sand beaches

    Koh Chang is unsurprisingly famous for its golden beaches. The famous ones are Lonely Beach, White Sand Beach, and Hat Khlong Phrao. They are fringed with palm and coconut trees against gentle mountain slopes. If you want something more peaceful, you can find the hidden Haad Wai Shak.

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