The most sacred shrines in Bangkok, Thailand

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The most sacred shrines in Bangkok, Thailand
There is no shortage of religious relics in the city of Bangkok. People visit these sites with hopes of love, success, and even fertility. Here are the stunning shrines in Bangkok you should visit.

  • Erawan Shrine

    Erawan ShrineErawan Shrine

    The Erawan Shrine is the most well-known in Bangkok and almost all of Thailand. This Brahman shrine is located on one of the busiest intersections in the capital. Since it was built in 1956, the shrine has seen its fair share of people mill in and out making wishes in hopes they will soon be granted. This was not the shrine’s original purpose, however. The Erawan Hotel was believed to have bad karma, and the shrine was built to counter a series of unfortunate events which had taken place. That being said, the shrine was bombed on August 17, 2015, which killed 20 people. Seven people were also injured at the shrine when a driver suffered a stroke and slammed into the gates surrounding it.

  • Ganesha Shrine

    Ganesha ShrineGanesha Shrine

    Those feeling down on their luck should head to the Ganesha Shrine. Ganesha is the god of success, and business people and those hoping for a creative spark to ignite work of some sort will visit this shrine in the hope of inspiration. Located off the modern BTS Skytrain Station Chit Lom, the large golden elephant sits just outside CentralWorld. Thais will come to offer colorful, marigold garlands and different types of food, like bananas.

  • Trimurti Shrine

    Trimurti ShrineTrimurti Shrine

    The Trimurti Shrine sits just adjacent to the Ganesha Shrine. Though they can be found in the same vicinity, the reasons as to why people visit these two shrines are entirely different. While those who are down on their luck in regards to business head to Ganesha, those who feel as though their love life is lacking instead opt to visit the Trimurti Shrine. Also referred to as Bangkok Lover’s Shrine, singles will gather around this shrine and offer red roses in hopes of finding ‘the one’. The original shrine lies in Ayutthaya, and this replica sits just outside the major mall CentralWorld and was built in 1989. It can be found just across Sukhumvit Road from the Erawan Shrine, and it sits high on its platform, the golden deity shining underneath the large, white dome.

  • Indra Shrine

    Indra ShrineIndra Shrine

    The Indra Shrine may be the most colorful of all the shrines in Bangkok. The green deity is made of jade, and is bedecked with colorful garlands of marigolds and incense given to him by those who come to pay homage. Two of his four arms hold a bow and thunderbolt. The shrine sits just outside Amarin Plaza.

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