Top attractions to do in Patong, Thailand

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Top attractions to do in Patong, Thailand
Patong is a beach resort town, located not very far from Phuket and is one of the most popular destinations in the area. Mostly known for its long beach, Patong attracts a large number of tourists every year, and for a good reason, there are many things to do in Patong.

  • Bangla Road Nightlife

    Bangla Road NightlifeBangla Road Nightlife


    No visit to Phuket is complete without seeing Patong's liveliest party zone. Famous for its raunchy nightlife, Soi Bangla offers an incredible entertainment area filled with girls, drinks and music that increases in volume as the moon rises. Jammed most nights throughout the year, it is an unthreatening and lively place to walk around as bars compete for customers.

  • Simon Cabaret Show

    Simon Cabaret ShowSimon Cabaret Show

    Thailand is famous for its transgender community, and they are often the butt of many jokes from the ignorant. But at Simon Cabaret Show, it is their talents that are at the forefront of the conversation, not their gender.

    The Simon Cabaret Show in Patong is among the best of its kind, where glamorous performers ‘wow’ the audience night after night with their expert singing and dancing routines, mesmerising choreography and colourful outfits. It is quite the show, is child-friendly and not seedy in the slightest, a change from other advertised offerings in the area. Performers are also happy to pose for pictures after the event, providing you with a life-long memento from this dazzling show.

  • Patong Beach

    Patong BeachPatong Beach

    Perhaps the most famous place in Patong, visiting this beach is one of the top things to do in Patong. The beach stretches for about 3-4 kilometres and you should make sure to get there early, as the beach gets crowded very fast. Sip on a chill beer and relish some delicious snacks in the sandy shores of this beach.

    If you like, there are a lot of service providers for water sports activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and more. If you are wondering what to do in Patong beach at night, there are a lot of shacks that have parties going on till the early morning.

  • Jungceylon


    Photo Remark

    Standing downtown, diagonally opposite Bangla Road, the Jungceylon Shopping Complex has radically changed the face of shopping in Patong.

    The two main stores in the complex are Robinson, a gleaming well-lit upper end department store, and Big C supermarket. The 200-plus other stores in this shopping heaven sell brand-name clothes, spectacles, sunglasses, cosmetics and perfumes, shoes, DVDs, computer games, tons of mobile phones and accessories, electrical goods but it is also a great entertainment haven with a five-room SF Cinema and a 16-lane bowling alley, perfect for rainy days or to escape the heat of the day.

  • Surf House Patong

    Surf House PatongSurf House Patong

    Surf House Patong Beach which is a vibrant surf centre on Patong’s Beach Road, just over the road from the Immigration office and the famous sandy Patong Beach beyond. It is a fun flow ride facility where you can learn to surf in a safe and controlled environment.

    The second outlet of the famous Surf House in Kata Beach, the Patong Beach branch has a similar size of flow-rider. It can be divided up into a range of lanes that provide you with ‘sheet waves’ that you can surf on as if they were waves in the ocean. Due to the water speed around you, this is a wild ride that can be enjoyed by all different levels of experience. Surf sessions here start from 1,000 baht for a one-hour session.

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