What to eat in Ayutthaya, Thailand

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What to eat in Ayutthaya, Thailand
Ayutthaya is a popular destination that is known for its beautiful temples. Many of its visitors wonder what food to eat in Ayutthaya. This article will help you find the local specialties of Ayutthaya and make sure that you not only have an amazing cultural experience, but also an amazing culinary experience in this beautiful city.

  • Krung Kao Boat Noodles

    Krung Kao Boat NoodlesKrung Kao Boat Noodles

    Kuay Tiao Reua or Boat Noodles is one of the Ayutthaya's specialties. These noodles were sold by the vendors in the wooden rowboats on the canals and rivers back in the early days. Today, most of the Boat Noodles are sold in a shop by the roadside. A bowl of classic Boat Noodles consists of rice noodles, pork liver, pig blood curd, roasted pork, pork balls, crispy fried pork skin and filled with dark brown soup.

    The Boat Noodles are normally served in a small bowl and you can choose the ingredients to go along based on your liking. The noodles had a very nice chewy texture, the pork was very tender and fresh, and the dark brown soup was rich and tasty. This is definitely an ideal dish for a quick slurp.

  • King River Prawns

    King River PrawnsKing River Prawns

    Ayutthaya is as known for its gigantic river prawns as it is for its temples and ruins. In the outlying area of the city, you will find large river prawn farms feeding and growing these large creatures. But it is still possible to catch wild river prawns as well. Most restaurants who serve the famous king river prawn are located close to the river on U-Thong Road. The prawns have a size of around thirty centimetres, are sliced in half, grilled and served with spicy seafood sauce. You will pay around 400 THB per prawn, which weigh around 330 grams per piece.

  • Roti Sai Mai

    Roti Sai MaiRoti Sai Mai

    Roti Sai Mai is a Thai candy, which consists of sweet roti and candy floss, which you have to wrap up together. It was adapted from India and Pakistan by the Muslim community and nowadays this sweet treat can be found throughout Thailand sold by mainly Muslim street vendors. But nowhere in the country, it can be found that easier than in Ayutthaya, as it has its origins in this ancient city. A bag of candy floss with pancakes costs you 30 THB. The most popular vendors are.

  • Pad Thai

    Pad ThaiPad Thai

    Pad Thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish, it is considered the national dish of Thailand and it is so popular that you cannot avoid seeing it no matter where you go in Thailand. Although their stall name is Pad Thai, they do sell other dishes beside Pad Thai. You should try out their Pad See Ew, which is the stir-frying of wide flat rice noodle with dark sweet soy sauce. The plate of Pad See Ew was dark in color and rather greasy, but surprisingly, the noodle was delectable and came with a good smoky taste or a wok essence.

  • Thai Mango Sticky Rice

    Thai Mango Sticky RiceThai Mango Sticky Rice

    Mangoes are native to Southeast Asia and Thailand is the third producer of mangoes worldwide. Mango sticky rice is available everywhere at different price points.

    Typically, the vendor slices the mango and prepares this Thai dessert in front of you, before handing over the styrofoam container with this delicious dessert. Mango sticky rice is made with fresh mangoes cut into slices and placed on top of a bed of sticky rice. A sweet coconut milk is then poured over the mango and sticky rice. The dessert is topped off with a sprinkle of fried mung beans.

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