Relax at the best coffee shops in Krabi

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Relax at the best coffee shops in Krabi
If you plan to travel to Krabi, it is likely that you are looking forward to soaking in the sun or hiking up a mountain. Going to this province to enjoy natural beauties is one way to have an incredible holiday.

However, that is not the only thing that you can do there. If you want to have a relaxing day without too many adventurous activities, you should spend a day coffee shop hopping. Perhaps you are wondering what is so special about coffee shops.
  • May and Mark's House

    May and Mark's HouseMay and Mark's House

    Located in the centre of bustling Krabi Town, May and Mark’s House is a traveler’s institution. They serve the typical range of espresso drinks, crafted by well-trained baristas and have recently started roasting their own coffee beans, which are available alongside others as a pour-over brewed coffee. With a large food menu, partly inspired by passing travelers who showed them how to cook international dishes, and always with an array of homemade desserts, May and Mark's House is a must-visit cafe in Krabi Town whether you are a coffee fan or not.

  • Hub Cafe

    Hub CafeHub Cafe

    A visit to Hub Café is about more than just the food. The location is second-to-none; think jungle-clad karst mountains serving as the backdrop to the unusual wooden architecture of the café building. A trip here is about more than just the views however, and the menu does not disappoint. Coffees, teas and juices are all done well and the cake selection is extensive. If you are after a bigger meal then the burgers are highly recommended. Sit back, sip your drink and soak up the surroundings.

  • Cafe 8.98

    Cafe 8.98Cafe 8.98

    One of the most popular cafes in Ao Nang beach is Cafe 8.98. This place will definitely excite youngsters. Spotting this cafe is not difficult because of its industrial exterior. Cafe 8.98 is well-known among the locals, expats, and numerous travelers. Although the coffee shop is packed, that does not affect the quality of their coffee. You will be surprised at how rich and amazing their drinks are. There is also live music on most evenings. This cafe is another incredible place to have a chill night.

  • Easy Cafe

    Easy CafeEasy Cafe

    Easy Café has been around for a while, but it still shines compared to many of the new places that have sprung up around Krabi in recent years. It is actually one of our favorite restaurants in Ao Nang, so do not write it off as just another cafe! The coffee is spot-on and their breakfasts get rave review, real bacon! The portions are big and the prices are very reasonable. If you visit later in the day then they have a full Thai and Western menu to choose from too. It is conveniently located close to the ferry terminal so you can pop in while waiting for your boat. Or you can head straight there on arrival in Krabi by boat!

  • Sprucy Cafe

    Sprucy CafeSprucy Cafe

    If you are a sucker for coffee with a view, do not miss the Sprucy Cafe. This coffee shop is located on the road right across a river. It stands out with a brick wall interior. The decor is a combination of modern and contemporary styles. Because of how well-designed the cafe is, you will enjoy taking pictures with your friends and family at every corner. Most of the seats are made of comfortable leather and are easy to sink into. You will find that the vibe is extremely welcoming and cozy.

    It is an excellent place to take a break from the scorching sun outside. The friendly staff will provide you with a vast selection of coffee to choose from. If you want something refreshing, consider grabbing a fruit smoothie to cool yourself down.

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