Must-visit art museums in Bangkok, Thailand

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Must-visit art museums in Bangkok, Thailand
Visiting a country and learning about their history and culture is a unique way to travel as you get a chance to gain more knowledge about the country. Here are the best art museums in Bangkok where you can learn more about Thailand.

  • Erawan Museum

    Erawan MuseumErawan Museum

    Erawan Museum provides a peaceful and magnificent atmosphere. Marvel at the grand 3-headed elephant sculpture, made of bronze weighing 250 tons, 29 meters high, 39 meters long and stands on a 15-meter high pedestal. The museum is divided into 3 floors in different themes under the Hindu representation of the cosmos which are Underworld, Earth, and Heaven where the unique exhibitions of collections of antiques and sacred objects as a contribution to Thai heritage.

  • Museum Siam

    Museum SiamMuseum Siam

    Khet Phra Nakhon is an interactive museum full of surprises. Once you step in, you will see a juxtaposition of antique fixtures and technology combined with modern art. Each of the 14 rooms are designed to showcase the history, culture, and evolution of the Thai people through video, audio, and interactive elements.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

    Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

    An ideal place for lovers of art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok (MOCA) houses the most comprehensive collection of modern painting and sculpture in Thailand inside a striking, purpose built gallery. The five storeys of MOCA contain over 800 pieces of art collected by communications magnate Boonchai Bencharongkul and showcase the development of Thai fine art since the introduction of modern western concepts.

  • Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

    Bangkok Art and Culture CentreBangkok Art and Culture Centre

    Intended as a living and breathing public art space, the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, just across from the popular MBK Center shopping mall at National Stadium, has a refreshingly relaxed atmosphere, and it is not uncommon to see groups of young people chatting and laughing as they explore and appreciate the photography in the People’s Gallery. The numerous floors of this large gallery have a range of rotating exhibitions from well-known and less established artists, and the centre also packs in a number of pleasant shops and cafés, as well as a comprehensive art library in the basement.

  • Art in Paradise

    Art in ParadiseArt in Paradise

    Art in Paradise, Bangkok's first 3D art museum, consists of six permanent exhibition spaces spread among two levels inside the Esplanade Shopping Mall. Each room has dozens of intricate paintings designed for you to jump right in and pose for the camera. The 150 paintings and interactive sets include period pieces, modern works, and fantastical designs. The experience can feel like you are in a theme park at times, but it can also offer a wildly funny few hours with friends.

  • Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall

    Rattanakosin Exhibition HallRattanakosin Exhibition Hall

    This museum has 9 exhibition halls, each of them featuring state-of-the-art multimedia technology and exhibitions about the rich history and culture of the Old City area in Bangkok. This place will let you enjoy a 4D multimedia presentation of the Rattanakosin era and find a near-perfect model of the Grand Palace. There is also an animation that depicts the legend of Emerald Buddha and a 360-degree theater where you can learn about the Grand Palace and the performing arts of Thailand.

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