Discover the most beautiful villages in Thailand

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Discover the most beautiful villages in Thailand
While many visitors to Thailand focus on the beaches, jungles, and cities, there are plenty of picturesque villages and towns to discover too. Many offer a great window into local Thai life as well as interesting attractions and activities. Add some of these charming destinations to your bucket list.

  • Chiang Khan

    Chiang KhanChiang Khan

    Deep in the heart of northeastern Thailand, Chiang Khan gives you the opportunity to swim in the Mekong river. To get to the swimming hole at Gaeng Kut Kuu, follow the road next to the river down into the valley a mile or two. If the river bed is dry, pop-up restaurants will await you.

  • Sangkhlaburi


    Located in the north of Kanchanaburi province and close to the border with Myanmar, Sangkhlaburi is a top place to experience a blend of cultures and communities living harmoniously alongside each other. From beautiful temples and a long teak bridge to a glistening reservoir where the tops of submerged buildings sometimes poke up from the waters, there’s plenty to admire here.

  • Ban Mae Or

    Ban Mae OrBan Mae Or

    Ban Mae Or is also known as Ban Rak Thai Village (Love Thai Village). It can be found in Mae Hong Son Province and it is the last settlement before the Thai-Myanmar border. Nestled in the mountains, there’s a lake next to the village and local homes are built from clay and rice straw with decorative Chinese-style features. Tea plantations give a boost to the local economy and the village has a unique vibe.

  • Wang Nam Khiao

    Wang Nam KhiaoWang Nam Khiao

    Sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Thailand, Wang Nam Khiao is a stunning mountain town in Nakhon Ratchasima. Lush greenery and verdant vineyards sit near waterfalls, flower fields, and quirky farms, and there are glorious views around almost every corner. The area is also known for having some of the freshest air in all of Thailand.

  • Pai


    A laid-back hippie hangout in Northern Thailand, Pai is a charming and popular riverside town at the foot of the mountains. Originally a tranquil Shan market village, the gorgeous area now attracts many travelers looking for a beautiful spot to chill and explore. There are waterfalls, canyons, and hot springs close to hand, not to mention the huge weekly market (held every Wednesday) where people from different ethnic groups come to sell colorful and unusual handicrafts.

  • Phetchaburi


    The thick rainforest of Kaeng Krachan National Park surrounds this city that borders Myanmar. Phetchaburi is not too far from Bangkok, but you are unlikely to see throngs of tourists. Instead, you’ll see groups of Thai students on day trips learning about their own culture as Phetchaburi is one of the most historic and cultured towns in the nation. You can still see the traces of the Khmer, Sukhothai and Ayuthaya kingdoms with many artifacts still intact even though a violent history. The city stays sleepy at night allowing you full energy to enjoy the Gulf of Thailand and the hiking trails of the rainforest during the day.

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