What to know about Rayong, Thailand

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What to know about Rayong, Thailand
Rayong, a fishing town located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, offers a wide range of entertaining diversions and things for visitors to do.

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Rayong also offers a peek at traditional Thai life that is becoming increasingly hard to find in tourist-heavy spots. Many inhabitants here still make a living drying squid, catching fish and living the way their ancestors have for generations, a lifestyle worth seeing for travelers willing to take the time to explore this sleepy seaside.
  • The Beaches

    The BeachesThe Beaches

    Ban Phe Beach provides a wonderful view of the coast, and a long road that works its way down the shores with plenty of restaurants to stop at along the way. Visitors hoping to enjoy the coastline can also visit Suan Wung Kaew. This place is a big park with a wonderful landscape, rolling hills, and a beach where you can spend the day.

    The vendors at the beach provide a nice bungalow with excellent views of the sea. In the past, Suan Wung Kaew was a very famous place to visit, though it has quieted down in recent years.

  • Shopping

    Shopping Shopping

    With a vast expanse of land devoted to fruit farming, Rayong is one of the best places from which to bring home tropical fruits, both fresh and otherwise, such as deep-fried durian chips, dried mangoes and preserved fruit candy. Baan Pae is the place to go for live or processed seafood and seashell souvenirs. For local handicrafts, handmade crystal ornaments and reed home décor products such as mats, purses, handbags and hats are the two specialty crafts of Rayong.

  • Activities


    More popular for it is lineup of beachside seafood restaurants and shady beaches than for water sports, Rayong beaches are peaceful and relatively free of large crowds. Marine excursions are limited to fishing, snorkelling and diving at nearby islands such as Koh Kruai, Koh Thalu, Koh Pla Tin and Koh Kham.

    Island hopping is also an attractive option for those in search of a little adventure. Golfers will find a haven amongst Rayong’s range of well-designed courses, including the 72-par championship course at St. Andrews 2000 Golf and Country Club and Eastern Star Country Club.

  • The Food

    The FoodThe Food

    In Rayong, you can spend time picking and tasting various kinds of fresh tropical fruits, including delicious treats such as durian, mango, dragon fruit, and more. You can pick their own fruit and sample them in the wild or visit the fruit farm, Suan Supatra, where you can pick and eat as you want.

    Moreover, Rayong is never short of mouthwatering seafood. In fact, dining is as much an experience for the eyes and ears as the palate, as many restaurants are situated by the beach, with an outdoor deck that juts right into the water. So, dining at these venues almost guarantees a great view. With a bustling seafood market, Baan Pae is one of the best places to go get a serving of freshly caught steamed crab, prawns and the all time favourite sea bass with lime ginger sauce. Finish off a satisfying meal the local style with a plate of fresh tropical fruits.

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