A quick guide to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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A quick guide to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Whether it’s the five-star hotel, luxury shopping or the ArtScience Museum, the Marina Bay Sands is the gateway to shiny Singapore – shopping, dining and accommodation at its most glamorous.

  • The SkyPark with a million-dollar view

    The SkyPark with a million-dollar viewThe SkyPark with a million-dollar view

    The appeal of Marina Bay Sands Hotel lies in its three 55-floor towers designed by Israel-born architect Moshe Safdie, looking like the prized set of a high-budget sci-fi movie. But the crown jewel here is really the boat-shaped SkyPark. This 340-metre long deck connects the three towers at the very top, presenting a gorgeous vista of Marina South Pier all the way out to the Singapore Strait. Entry to the SkyPark isn’t free – but if watching the sun setting on the most famous part of Singapore is your thing, paying the 23 SGD entrance fee might well be worth it.

  • The rooftop infinity pool

    The rooftop infinity poolThe rooftop infinity pool

    If you decide to splash out on a night in this hotel, where a night’s stay starts from 500 SGD, the infinity pool should be your chill-out spot. Located right at the SkyPark, the pool – touted to be the highest and longest in the world – stretches 150 metres, three times the length of an Olympic swimming pool. It’s quite the luxury frolicking about in an endless stretch of blue, 57 levels up high. Be sure to perfect the experience by gazing out on the magnificent Singapore cityscape with a cocktail in hand. Definitely Instagram-worthy.

  • The hotel atrium that catches the light

    The hotel atrium that catches the lightThe hotel atrium that catches the light

    Not staying at the hotel doesn’t mean you have to miss out (for the pool is exclusively for hotel guests). Take a stroll in the hotel atrium, where the two sides of the building slope together overhead to form a unique glass structure. The play of daylight on glass is such a pretty sight that it often halts people in their tracks – basking in the light falling all around.

  • The mall for high-end shopping

    The mall for high-end shoppingThe mall for high-end shopping

    Classy shops and celebrity-chef restaurants fill up the upscale Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands shopping mall. This is the place to go to when you want only the best; as international luxury brands like Prada, Gucci and Dior can only mean a hefty price tag and premium goods.

    An indoor canal meanders through the length of the Shoppes – and yes, you can get yourself a sampan ride on the water and pretend that you are in an air-conditioned Venice surrounded by opulent shops.

    Restaurants here are also a tad more expensive than your average restaurant in Singapore. But with big names like Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, CUT by Wolfgang Puck and Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda attached to the fine dining experience, you may be more than tempted to treat yourself a little.

    Entertainment is definitely also a highlight at this integrated resort – the owners Las Vegas Sands made sure of that. The Marina Bay Sands Theatre regularly presents international acts including world-famous musicals such as The Lion King and Wicked, played to roaring crowds.

  • The museum where Art meets Science

    The museum where Art meets ScienceThe museum where Art meets Science

    We also recommend checking out the world’s first ArtScience Museum, which will capture your eye with its imposing lotus-shaped architecture. The museum hosts major international travelling exhibitions, from art displays dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh to retrospectives of world-famous industrial designers. The varied themes of art, science, media, design and technology ensure that there will be something suitable for everyone in the family.

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