Do not miss these beautiful islands when visiting Singapore

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Do not miss these beautiful islands when visiting Singapore
Each island in Singapore boasts of a unique history, topography and activities. This means that you can visit sixty-three different locations with the same visa. Below are the best islands in Singapore you should visit when you are in Singapore.

  • Sentosa


    Immediately recognisable to both locals and tourists, Sentosa is packed to the brim with activities. From gawking at aquatic wildlife to exploring Universal Studios, there is no shortage of things to do. Some the most popular beaches in Singapore are here alongside some of the finest bars, cafes and restaurants in the country.

  • St John's Island

    St John's IslandSt John's Island

    Earlier designated as a quarantine centre for major diseases, St John's Island has had a significant makeover in recent times and is one of the most visited islands in Singapore. This beautiful island boasts of idyllic beaches, adventure sports, fun activities and an amazing range of things to do for families, couples and solo travelers alike. This is a must-visit place for beach bums.

    The island is a haven of luxury and adventure. There are options to snorkel and dive in the pristine blue waters. Spot corals and exotic marine life in the waters! You can also engage in watersports like motor boating and water skiing. You can also trek up to the top spot of the island, and enjoy the beautiful view. There is a beautiful sugar plantation you can visit. The National Park also makes for a great day trip. The white sand beaches are Instagram-worthy, and perfect for lounging. The lagoons are breathtaking!

  • Lazarus Island

    Lazarus IslandLazarus Island

    With sparkling white sand beach, turquoise blue water and verdant palm plantations, Lazarus Island is one of the most popular islands, after Sentosa island Singapore. Sprawling over 47 hectares, Lazarus Island can be easily reached in public as well as private ferries from Marina South Pier. Connected by a paved walkaway, Lazarus Island and St John’s island are adjacent to each other and can be visited in a day.

  • Sister’s Islands

    Sister’s IslandsSister’s Islands

    A very popular spot for snorkeling and diving, these islands are perfect for those wanting to observe Singapore’s marine life and spot everything from seahorses to sharks. Sister’s Islands were recently designated Singapore’s first Marine Park, offering guided tours to get up close and personal to the critters onshore.

  • Kusu Island

    Kusu IslandKusu Island

    Named after the Chinese word for tortoise, Kusu Island in Singapore is the picture of serene grace. Home to two Chinese temples and three Malay Kramats, this island has charming folklore as well, two sailors saved from drowning by a tortoise, which took the form of an island.

  • Pulau Hantu

    Pulau HantuPulau Hantu

    Hantu means ghost in Malay but that should not put you off visiting this remote island, which is populated with coral and very popular with deep sea enthusiasts. Some fascinating marine species like the giant clam can be spotted here, which make it a perfect vantage point to snorkel as well. You can also snorkel safely here and its remote beaches provide a very envious form of isolation and peace for the beach bum. To visit Pulau Hantu, charter a boat from West Coast Pier.

  • Coney Island

    Coney IslandConey Island

    This island in Singapore was meant to be a private resort but was soon opened to the public. Left undeveloped to preserve the natural ecosystem, there are minimal amenities and electricity here, which gives visitors a taste of the wild. Take a day trip to this island to forget civilization, become one with nature and go on an adventure with loved ones. Remember to carry water - there is none on the island!

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