Top activities to do in Sentosa Island, Singapore

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Top activities to do in Sentosa Island, Singapore
The tiny outpost of Sentosa is always the first thing people think of when it comes to Singapore. As strange as it may sound, this is not just your usual, sun, sea and sand tropical haven. In fact, this place is a delight for travellers of all ages and can possibly take up your entire trip.

  • AJ Hackett

    AJ HackettAJ Hackett

    A secret even to the locals here, this is Singapore’s first and only bungee jumping location. The height is a grand 47m and it’s located on a spot that overlooks Siloso Beach. If that is too adrenaline-inducing for one’s palate, you can try the giant swing that resembles a high velocity roller coaster on the coast or the ‘Mission: Impossible’-mimicking Vertical Skywalk. And when all is said and done, enjoy a cold one with one of the more beautiful views on Siloso Beach.

  • Mega Adventure Park

    Mega Adventure ParkMega Adventure Park

    Another vertigo-inducing thrill is the MegaZip at Mega Adventure Park. It’s essentially the steepest zip lining experience in Southeast Asia, at 450 metres long and 75 metres high, and building up to speeds reaching 60 km/h. This is one adventure that will allow you to explore the jungle terrain of Sentosa at Imbiah Hill and have lots of fun doing so. At the end of the zip line, you’ll end up at the beautiful Siloso Beach to continue your travels.

  • Skyline Luge

    Skyline LugeSkyline Luge

    Is cycling a little too mundane a way to sightsee? Try a brand new experience with the Skyline Luge, plummeting down the Dragon Trail or another series of tracks that will allow you to explore the jungle interiors of the island. This is a really fun way to explore and it can be done with the entire family. Also, if you’re more nocturnal and love the nightlife, you can enjoy this under the dark sky as well.

  • Adventure Cove Waterpark

    Adventure Cove WaterparkAdventure Cove Waterpark

    If you fancy a more hands-on participation with critters of the sea, Adventure Cove Waterpark is not to be missed. Besides the usual water rides, head here for an encounter that gets real personal. For instance, the Sea Trek Adventure allows you to dive right in and gives you a firsthand tour with marine life. If you’re craving for more excitement, you can also jump in to swim with the sharks and even get circled – safely of course – by hammerhead sharks and other species of its kind.

  • Universal Studios

    Universal StudiosUniversal Studios

    This is the only Universal Studios theme park located in Southeast Asia, so it is well worth your time to have a look. Enjoy the Battlestar Galactica ride or cruise along with the Transformers 3D Enterprise which allows you to experience the fantasy in hyper-realistic fashion. Enjoy a whole slew of events featuring your favourite characters from popular shows like Sesame Street or just delight in the fireworks that happen later in the evening. All in all, a magical and eventful night for anyone in whichever company.

  • Singapore Cable Car

    Singapore Cable CarSingapore Cable Car

    This one is a classic, something every Singaporean knows of and has experienced at least once. Fly from the mainland in Singapore to Sentosa and from there, feel free to experience the island from high above and see the sights while hopping from one station to another. You can see the dolphins at Adventure Cove and plenty of other landmarks comfortably while seated right in your own cable car.

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