Must-have apps when travel to Singapore

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Must-have apps when travel to Singapore
Singapore is an island city-state located in Southeast Asia and is often called the ‘Little Red Dot’. Singapore may be small, but its outsize influence in the world has made her one of the most popular travel destinations. And if you are planning to travel to Singapore, you should have these apps.

  • EZ Link

    EZ LinkEZ Link

    In Singapore, you can avail contactless stored value cards which you can use to ride public transport such as buses and trains. This app lets you monitor your credits and transactions for the past three months and avail of promos and discounts on your next ride.

  • Grab


    Grab provides both taxis and private hire cars, giving them access to over 100,000 drivers. Car-pooling and ‘hitching’ options are also available. Grab Family allows you to book a car with a mifold booster seat, suitable for children aged 4-7.

    You can opt to pay with cash or upload your credit card details to the app for cashless payment. You can also book cars ahead of time. The Grab app can also be used to book rides in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar.

  • Limsimi


    Coffee shops are an ubiquitous sight in Singapore where you can get good and affordable local food and drinks. However, ordering a coffee or tea here is not quite so simple if you don’t understand the local vernacular.

    You cannot say the different between kopi or a kopi-o? Then, LimSimi (which means ‘what are you drinking’ in one of the local Chinese dialects) is the app to solve your problem. The app will show you how to order coffee and tea, in all its different variants, like a true-blue Singaporean. Alternatively, check out our guide on how to order kopitiam drinks here!

  • Chope


    The word ‘chope’ is a local slang for reserving a seat or table, which aptly describes the purpose of the app. With over 1,400 restaurants right at your fingertips, Chope, is the perfect app for the modern-day wayfarer to discover top dining spots and book a reservation instantly. But that is not all, Chope offers exclusive dining offers and discounts from time to time.

  • Zalora


    Check out and choose from hundreds of local and international brands available in their online catalogue. In-app purchase lets you enjoy free item delivery in Singapore.

  • Hosay!


    If English is the official working language in Singapore, then Singlish is the unofficial language of common Singaporeans, containing local colloquialisms that reflect its multicultural heritage.

    Hosay! is a fun little iOS app that will teach you all manners of Singlish phrases and possibly give you a peek into the local culture too. And while it is not the only Singlish phrasebook or dictionary out there in the apps marketplace, it gets top marks from us for its humorous and cheeky design.

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