Spectacular light shows to see in Singapore

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Spectacular light shows to see in Singapore
When the sun sets, Singapore’s skyline transforms into a light-and-sound extravaganza. If you’re travelling to Singapore any time soon, look out for these spectacular light shows at famous landmarks like Marina Bay and Sentosa.

  • ‘Spectra’ light show by the Bay

    ‘Spectra’ light show by the Bay‘Spectra’ light show by the Bay

    Nicknamed ‘Spectra’, this newly-added light show consists of colourful light projections on mists, which are artfully choreographed to a relaxing orchestral soundtrack produced by Singaporean music producer Kenn C. Each show lasts for 15 minutes, so get ready to be wowed (and brave the crowd).

  • Fireworks by the Bay

    Fireworks by the BayFireworks by the Bay

    During large-scale events like New Year’s Day and National Day, the sky lights up with an elaborate firework display – a customary and visual treat to celebrate special national occasions. While the costs of fireworks are rarely disclosed, mega-events like the National Day in 2016 took place to the tune of $39.4 million, driving some locals to question if the grand display is even worth it at all.

  • Art installations

    Art installationsArt installations

    While Marina Bay is a perfect location for fireworks and lasers, others opt for a more subdued approach, designing light installations that use the city as a canvas. Singapore hosts large-scale art festivals like i Light Marina Bay, which invites local and international artists to showcase their work and light up the city.

  • Crane Dance in Sentosa

    Crane Dance in SentosaCrane Dance in Sentosa

    Not to be forgotten, Sentosa also has its fair share of light attractions which take place every night. If you happen to be in Siloso Beach and spot fireworks at night, those could be part of the Wings of Time, a ticketed show that mixes water, light, and sound to create a complete magical experience.

    Another novel light show worth seeing is the ‘Crane Dance’, where two mechanical cranes share the tale of love and transforms into birds midway through. Catch the show at the Waterfront every day at 8pm (admission is free).

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