Best new Singapore attractions in 2019

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Best new Singapore attractions in 2019
Now that everybody is flocking to Jewel Changi Airport, discover these other new attractions in Singapore that may have been overshadowed by its opening.

  • Jurong Lakeside Garden

    Jurong Lakeside GardenJurong Lakeside Garden

    The Lakeside transformation plans were first unveiled during the National Day Rally in 2014. After five years of waiting, Jurong Lakeside Garden finally opened to the public on 27 April this year! This 53-hectare garden is only the first phase to the 90-hectare Jurong Lake Gardens, with two more in the works. Here are some highlights of Singapore’s third national gardens you can’t miss.

    Take a leisurely scenic walk along Rasau Walk. The 300-metre long boardwalk takes you around the wetlands and close to the edge of Jurong Lake. Other than enjoying over 50 plant species, you can try to spot a variety of wetland creatures and birds.

  • Floral Fantasy

    Floral FantasyFloral Fantasy

    Joining Garden by the Bay’s lineup of attractions is Floral Fantasy. Opened on April 14, Floral Fantasy is located inside the also newly opened Bayfront Plaza. Just as its name suggests, this floral extravaganza blends nature and technology to transport visitors to a whimsical dreamland! You can even embark on a simulated journey with a dragonfly on the ‘Flight of the Dragonfly’ 4D Ride at the Fantasy Theatre.

    Floral Fantasy features four different garden landscapes; Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift. With moving floral arrangements, streams, waterfalls and caves, each section will evoke a different delightful feeling as you walk through this capricious land. Throughout the four landscapes, more than 150 species of plants from all around the world will be on display. Keep your eyes peeled for peculiar looking flowers, with one type said to resemble fried eggs!

  • Coast-to-Coast Trail

    Coast-to-Coast TrailCoast-to-Coast Trail

    Challenge yourself by trekking across Singapore on the new Coast-to-Coast Trail! Launched on 30 March by NParks, the 36-kilometre trail begins at Jurong Lake Gardens and ends at Coney Island Park. Although it is quite a long trek, you will hit both gorgeous natural spots and excellent urban areas to keep things interesting.

    There are a total of ten checkpoints on the Coast-to-Coast Trail. Some of the checkpoints include nature lovers’ favourite parks such as Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Punggol Waterway Park. Take a break and keep yourselves hydrated at these checkpoints!

  • Museum@My Queenstown

    Museum@My QueenstownMuseum@My Queenstown

    Did you know that Queenstown was Singapore’s first satellite town? A satellite town simply refers to a smaller metropolitan area which is located close to a larger metropolitan area. Built in 1953, it is no wonder that Queenstown is teeming with history. However, the neighbourhood is going through many redevelopment programmes nowadays and old buildings are being demolished. The residents love their neighbourhood’s history so much that they want to preserve the essence of old Queenstown. Hence, Museum@My Queenstown was born on 23 February.

    This quaint museum is tucked in one of Queenstown’s many shophouses. What makes this museum endearing is that it is fully funded and curated by Queenstown residents themselves! Take a walk down memory lane as you look at memorabilia and artefacts that date back to the 1970s. Some of the items housed in the museum include iconic signages, old school technology and nostalgia-evoking music. Both the young and old are bound to enjoy this charming museum.

  • Design Orchard

    Design OrchardDesign Orchard

    It is no secret that Orchard Road is Singapore’s number one shopping paradise. With huge malls filled with a plethora of international brands lining the street, Design Orchard offers something different. Opened on 25 January, this open-design mall serves three primary purposes; a retail, incubation and events space.

    Other than enjoying the building’s cool minimalistic architecture, indulge in a one of a kind shopping experience. Design Orchard exclusively stocks local brands. From fashion to home decor, you can purchase a Singapore-branded product according to your needs. Some of the 60 home-grown brands that Design Orchard carries are Onlewo, Ginlee Studio and Gnome & Bow. Be sure to head down to Design Orchard to support local!

  • Holey Moley

    Holey MoleyHoley Moley

    Holey Moley is the newest hangout place on everybody’s to-visit list! Opened late last year on 6 December, Holey Moley is no ordinary mini golf course. When you walk in, you will be greeted by a riot of bright colours, dance music and neon lights! While trying to get a hole-in-one, don’t forget to snap some pictures for the ‘gram at the themed holes! Some featured pop culture references include the Simpsons, Game of Thrones and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    If you’re feeling peckish, the in-house Caddyshack Bar will be there to satisfy your hunger pangs. This two-in-one bar and gourmet kitchen serves up a whole slew of alcoholic drinks and scrumptious food. From one-metre-long pizzas to colourful burgers, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Gather your friends and get ready to par-tee!

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