Find the best street art spots in Singapore

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Find the best street art spots in Singapore
If you want to enjoy street art with a mix of local ethnic heritage, why don't visit Singapore once to witness these incredible arts? You don’t need to go to a museum or an art gallery to learn more about Singapore’s history, culture, and art. Here are the best 7 spots that you can find the best pieces of art in Singapore.

  • 1. Tiong Bahru

    1. Tiong Bahru1. Tiong Bahru

    Take a break from checking out some of the hip cafes, restaurants, shops and bookstores that lined this vibrant neighborhood. Tucked within its alleys is a couple of heritage murals by painter Yip Yew Chong, including Pasar and the Fortune Teller, Birds Singing Corner and Home.

  • 2. Tekka Centre

    2. Tekka Centre2. Tekka Centre

    A popular market and hawker food spot in Singapore, there are several murals to be found around the market complex. This is thanks to the annual ARTWALK Little India, an outdoor arts festival that commissions local and international artists to create works celebrating the culture of this Indian heritage district. Check out Buffalo Road, Race Course Road and Bellilos Lane for various murals that pay tribute to past landmarks and customs unique to Little India.

  • 3. Aliwal Street

    3. Aliwal Street3. Aliwal Street

    As you stroll around Kampong Glam and learn about the history of the Malay-Muslim quarter, be sure not to miss the modern additions to the colorful neighborhood. A little ways off Aliwal Arts Centre is a vibrant piece of wall art on the wall next to the side alley entrance of Aliwal Arts Centre. Part of the Aliwal Urban arts Festival 2019, this alpha batik piece with loop colors is an eye-catching and breath-taking explosion of color painted by Singaporean artist Slacsatu.

  • 4. Haji Lane

    4. Haji Lane4. Haji Lane

    Hipsters love Haji Lane for its many indie boutique retail outlets – but what attracts the photographers are the Insta-worthy murals that cover the walls of the shophouses near the Beach Road junction. Colombian artist Didier Jaba Mathieu’s futuristic pop-color characters feature prominently but don’t miss the alleyway that connects to Arab Street which features works by Ceno2, Yok & Sheryo, and local crew ZincNiteCrew.

  • 5.Chinatown Complex

    5.Chinatown Complex5.Chinatown Complex

    Home to Singapore’s largest hawker centre and a sprawling market on its lower floors, the walls, and pillars of Chinatown Complex and its surroundings showcase murals that depict the history of Chinatown and the daily lives of the Chinese immigrants living in Singapore. Most of these works are a result of student and community-led projects.

  • 6.Amoy Street

    6.Amoy Street6.Amoy Street

    Sketched by local artist Yip Yew Chong, the 40m-long colorful mural behind Thian Hock Keng temple stretches along Amoy Street. In it, Yip beautifully illustrates the early lives of Hokkien immigrants. The work features seven different panels, including drawings of a modern Chinese wedding ceremony and the bustling kampong days.

  • 7. Coleman Bridge

    7. Coleman Bridge7. Coleman Bridge

    Escaping the hustle and bustle along the Singapore River does not mean you have to miss out on the pretty sights of our history. In fact, we would go far as to say that the murals that line Coleman Bridge offer even better backdrops for your photos. This underpass, which links New Bridge Road and Hill Street, bursts with the color of artworks by Social Creatives, a non-profit arts and social enterprise. Paintings of a large roaring lion, coolies, samsui women, and even Sir Stamford Raffles invite you on an intimate journey to relive Singapore’s early colonial history.

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