Top 4 eco-friendly hotels you should experience in Singapore

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Top 4 eco-friendly hotels you should experience in Singapore
Hotels in Singapore are committed to living up to Singapore's reputation as a 'Garden City', upholding eco-friendly practices and high-level holiday experiences for travelers. Check out these 4 hotels for your next trip that are just as luxurious as they are sustainable.

  • Oasia Hotel Downtown

    Oasia Hotel DowntownOasia Hotel Downtown

    Juxtaposed against the towering concrete structures in Singapore’s Central Business District, Oasia Hotel Downtown stands out with its verdant facade. Creepers intertwine with the contrasting crimson panels, while tall trees from the sky gardens peek through, engulfing the entire building and creating a massive vertical garden.

    It is not just the exterior of this tropical skyscraper that is impressive though. More greenery peppers the leisure areas, welcoming fauna like birds and insects into its ecosystem. The open design promotes natural ventilation and provides shade, reducing the need for air-conditioning. Rainfall is collected to irrigate the flourishing gardens, emphasising the hotel’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Six Senses Duxton

    Six Senses DuxtonSix Senses Duxton

    Opened barely two months ago, the Six Senses Duxton represents the luxury range’s first city hotel and foray into Singapore, though it will be accompanied by a bigger counterpart at Maxwell later in the year. If you are not familiar with Six Senses, they are known for pushing a rustic yet polished hospitality experience that mixes sustainability with wellness.

    Sustainability measures are practised at every level, including the supply chain, the hotel returns styrofoam boxes back to the suppliers to be reused, while single-use plastics (plastic drinking straws, bottles and paper plates) are not stocked at all.

  • Parkroyal on Pickering

    Parkroyal on PickeringParkroyal on Pickering

    When it comes to eco-friendly digs in Singapore, Parkroyal on Pickering is definitely one of the most committed players, especially with its verdant veneer made up of live plants. And they are not just there for show, there are gardens located on every fourth floor, and the ample amount of vegetation help to absorb heat, reducing the reliance on cooling systems.

    Part of their water supply comes from a mix of rainwater, as well as Newater (Singapore’s recycled water). Small wonder that the hotel has clinched the Asia’s Leading Green Hotel accolade at the World Travel Awards for three consecutive years.

  • JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

    JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South BeachJW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

    One of the latest entrants onto the crowded Singapore hospitality scene, the JW Marriott Hotel South Beach’s approach is as architecturally arresting as it is eco-friendly. Any visitor there would have noticed the soaring metal canopy – its undulating features, designed by British architects Foster+Partners, is meant to mimic ocean waves but the design has also been angled in such a way so as to lower overall temperatures by approximately two degrees.

    Not only that, the structure also collects rainwater for usage and has been outfitted with solar panels, the energy collected goes to light up the building’s facade.

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