Top 7 bridges you should visit at least one time in Singapore

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Top 7 bridges you should visit at least one time in Singapore
Singapore is home to a wide range of bridges, many with interesting histories. From the vibrant, artistic bridges to the DNA-strand-shaped pedestrian bridge, overpasses in this country are sadly often overlooked. Below are 7 bridges you must visit in Singapore.

  • MacRitchie Tree Top

    MacRitchie Tree TopMacRitchie Tree Top

    If you are a nature lover, you will love this one. Overlooking the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, this 250m long suspension bridge is naturally one of the most insta-documented bridge. Located between the two highest points in MacRitchie, you are guaranteed to have a bird’s eye view of the canopy.

  • OCBC Skyway

    OCBC SkywayOCBC Skyway

    At 22 metres off the ground, you get to enjoy the panoramic view of the Marina Bay skyline which gets really awesome after the sun sets. A mishmash of an urban and nature setting, a stroll along this bridge is nonetheless an interesting one.

  • Helix Bridge

    Helix BridgeHelix Bridge

    Helix Bridge was constructed to model the appearance of a DNA structure. The bridge overlooks Marina Bay and connects the Marina Center with Marina South. Enjoy the views of Singapore Flyer and the Esplanade theatre as you cross the longest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

  • Henderson Waves Bridge

    Henderson Waves BridgeHenderson Waves Bridge

    This may be a secret and tourists would not possible “chance upon” this bridge unless you make a specific trip down. Henderson Waves Bridge is where the locals hang, and students love spending the afternoon there – over picnics, book-reading and simply just lazing around.

  • Cavenagh Bridge

    Cavenagh BridgeCavenagh Bridge

    Built in 1870, the Cavenagh Bridge is no doubt one of the oldest bridges in Singapore. Located across the Singapore River, this bridge is named after William Orfeur Cavenagh, the last governor of the Straits Settlements. Situated in front of The Fullerton Hotel, this bridge gives you a splendid view of the majestic colonial building and the Singapore river itself.

  • Sentosa Suspension Bridge

    Sentosa Suspension BridgeSentosa Suspension Bridge

    Nestled in the midst of Palawan Beach is a rope suspension beach with a view that will put any background to shame. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, the bridge also leads you to the southern-most point of the Asia continent. Now, this is a spot even locals may not have known about.

  • Alkaff Bridge

    Alkaff BridgeAlkaff Bridge

    The Alkaff bridge, also known as the Singapore Art Bridge, was designed by Pacita Abad, a Filipino female artist, who was invited to the Singapore Tyler Institute. The Alkaff Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Singapore River at Robertson Quay, located in the Singapore River planning area. More impressively, Abad and her team used 52 different vibrant colors and over 900 litres of paint to complete this dramatic work of art. The bridge is named after the Alkaffs, a well-known Arabian family who were amongst the elite in Singapore during the early 20th century.

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