Top places to buy souvenirs in Manila, Philippines

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Top places to buy souvenirs in Manila, Philippines
Travelers visiting Manila anytime soon who’d like to buy a memento to remind them of their trip, finding souvenir items here surely won’t be a problem since Philippines has many great places to buy souvenirs.

  • Souvenir Island General Merchandise

    Souvenir Island General MerchandiseSouvenir Island General Merchandise

    Located along Carlos Palanca Street in Quaipo, Manila, Souvenir Island General Merchandise does not only promote Filipino culture but also highlights Filipino artistry. Using indigenous raw materials sourced throughout the Philippines, this souvenir shop offers inexpensive items and native handicrafts created by Filipino craftsmen. You may find miniature versions of the Philippine jeepney, tricycle, and even the calesa (a horse-drawn calash).

  • The Manila Collectible Co. (TMCC)

    The Manila Collectible Co. (TMCC)The Manila Collectible Co. (TMCC)

    While you’re wandering around Intramuros, don’t miss out visiting The Manila Collectible Co., which sells a wide range of unique items crafted by indigenous groups, Filipino artists, and local brands. Apart from offering heritage tours and teaching weaving techniques by the T’boli and Bagobo, visitors may also find ethnic attire, handwoven textile, and organic and local delicacies. The venue is more than just a souvenir shop as it promotes Philippine history while giving guests the chance to join in-house workshops and take their pick of unique Filipino items.

  • Kultura Filipino

    Kultura FilipinoKultura Filipino

    Kultura Filipino is considered to be one of the top go-to souvenir shops in Metro Manila because of its convenient location. Mostly found in SM Supermalls around the Metro, this shop offers an expansive range of handicrafts, native clothing, and travel essentials or must-haves made out of indigenous materials. They have three main sections – Fashion, House, and Souvenir, where you’ll also find traditional and modern Filipiniana, Barong Tagalog, and other native accessories.

  • Tesoro’s Philippine Handicraft

    Tesoro’s Philippine HandicraftTesoro’s Philippine Handicraft

    At Tesoro’s Philippine Handicraft, you’ll definitely enjoy shopping for authentic and high quality Filipino handicrafts at affordable prices. While they only have around 12 outlets in the Metro, this souvenir shop takes pride in traditional Filipino items ‘with a twist’. You’ll find tableware, giftware, embroidered shawls, shell crafts, heritage crafts, and local apparel.

  • Papemelroti


    Mostly found in malls, Papemelroti made its mark for offering eco-friendly items and handmade home décors. They’re known for transforming recycled paper into cute notebooks or postcards and turning other reusable items into something more functional. You may find rustic handmade décors, wall décors, accessories, and stationery items. In fact, Papemelroti has become a favorite because of its wide array of postcards, stationery and gift items which are perfect to give to a friend, family member or any loved one!

  • Ayala Museum Shop

    Ayala Museum ShopAyala Museum Shop

    The Ayala Museum houses permanent diorama and regularly updates its current exhibitions and programs so every time you pay a visit, it’s surely a different art experience. Its museum shop is located on the third floor of the building where you’ll find art books, shirts, exhibition catalogues, Philippine-themed canvas totes, woven fabrics, and other handmade items, that would remind one of Philippine art and culture.

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