Explore the amazing beaches in Cebu, Philippines

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Explore the amazing beaches in Cebu, Philippines
Cebu is blessed not only with breathtaking attractions but also stunning beaches. Here are the best beaches on the island of Cebu that you need to visit.

  • Paradise Beach

    Paradise BeachParadise Beach

    This aptly named beach on Bantayan Island is a gorgeous little spot that everyone should visit if you are staying on the island. It is located in a peaceful, secluded area on Bantayan, a little out of Santa Fe Town. You may be lucky and get the place to yourself to enjoy the beauty and serenity. There is not a lot to do here other than swim or work on your tan, but what more do you want to do in paradise?

  • Tingko Beach

    Tingko BeachTingko Beach

    Tingko Beach is located in Alcoy, Cebu. It is a popular getaway among locals and tourists because of its beauty- white sand and clear water. Because of its popularity, expect a crowd to be in this beautiful beach especially during summer and hot weekends.

  • Lambug Beach

    Lambug BeachLambug Beach

    Lambug Beach in Badian has a long stretch of fine white sand. This public resort is peaceful and quiet at night as there are no hotels. There are a couple of karaoke machines but the stores do not open for 24 hours. Lambug Beach is perfect for a couple who wants a quiet and a peaceful island all to themselves.

  • Bounty Beach

    Bounty BeachBounty Beach

    In the Southern part of the Island, you will find an area full of restaurants, resorts and diving shops. Bounty Beach is the perfect place to spend your day if you just want to chill and are not in the mood to do the activities mentioned above. You can get a coconut or a cold beer and just enjoy the day. There are also a few hammocks if you want to chill while reading a book or listening to music if you would like.

  • Sumilon Island

    Sumilon IslandSumilon Island

    This is an amazing island in Cebu’s south with a stunning little sandbank. It makes for a wonderful place to swim and enjoy this delightful beach. The waters here are just amazing with those aqua blues. Not only is it popular for a day trip (from Cebu City), but if you want to spend more time here, stay overnight (or longer) at the island’s only resort – Sumilon Bluewater (rates from approximately $316 – $514).

    The resort offers some nice rooms or check out their glamping (upmarket camping) for something a bit different. The island is also not far from Oslob, where you can swim with the whale sharks, one of Cebu’s most popular tourist attractions.

  • White Beach

    White BeachWhite Beach

    Moalboal has two main beach areas, Panagsama Beach and White Beach. Panagsama is more rocky than sandy, while White Beach is a lovely sandy beach. Not only do the waters look great, there is some terrific snorkeling offshore. A reef runs along Moalboal and there is lots of sea life to discover.

    If you are lucky you may be able to snorkel and see some turtles. It is a fairly popular place so on weekends and holidays it can get busy. There are cottages to rent out for day use or if you plan to stay longer there are a number of resorts dotted along the shore. Moalboal offers some good diving in the area as well, so a lot of these resorts have their own dive shops.

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