2 day trip to discover Luzon, Philippines

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2 day trip to discover Luzon, Philippines
Perhaps the most important island in the Philippines is Luzon. This island is home to the nation’s capital, Manila, the nation’s major airport, Ninoy Aquino International, and the major economical hubs.

While most travelers hit the Manila airport and jump directly on another plane to one of the tourist islands, not many choose the Luzon roads less traveled, but they should. Let’s explore the best things to do in Luzon.
  • See Manila’s Colonial Side in Intramuros

    See Manila’s Colonial Side in IntramurosSee Manila’s Colonial Side in Intramuros

    The Spanish conquistadors knew a good site when they saw one, and the native fort at the mouth of the Pasig River was it. Fort Santiago and the walled city of Intramuros eventually rose from this spot, and stood for centuries as the center for Philippines’ trade and culture.

    Intramuros is the oldest part of Manila, and it shows. Devastated by World War II, Intramuros has been under a constant state of reinvention since. A walking tour of the walled city will take you to Fort Santiago, a citadel-turned-museum; the neo-Romanesque Manila Cathedral; and the San Agustin Church, a stone baroque church constructed in the 1600s.

  • Visit Batad

    Visit BatadVisit Batad

    Batad is honestly one of must-visit places in Southeast Asia. It is one of those rare places which takes your breath away. When you reach the village the view opens up revealing a huge set of 2000 year old rice terraces. What makes this even more special?

    The lack of roads, noise or civilization, especially if you are coming directly from the busy capital. The peace and serenity of Batad compliments the stunning views and if you have just come on a day trip you will be wishing you brought an overnight bag.

  • Explore Sagada’s Caves and Culture

    Explore Sagada’s Caves and CultureExplore Sagada’s Caves and Culture

    Despite its remote location in the shadow of the Cordilleras in Northern Luzon, Sagada has become a hot adventure-seeker's getaway to caves, rice terraces, and ancient cultures.

    Adventure-minded travelers will love Sagada’s caves. The Sumaguing-Lumiang Cave Connection is the most popular spelunking experience; taking you into Sumaguing Cave, this three-hour trip will lead you through a strenuous gauntlet past some truly gorgeous limestone formations before exiting Lumiang Cave on the other side.

    The mountain trails lead through some of the Philippine mountains’ most scenic sites, including Echo Valley, Lake Danum, Bokong Falls, and Bomod-Ok Falls. The culture of the local Igorot community is never far from view, whether you are visiting the Demang cultural village or seeing the Hanging Coffins, a burial tradition reminiscent of the Toraja in Indonesia.

  • Explore Mt. Mayon in Legazpi

    Explore Mt. Mayon in LegazpiExplore Mt. Mayon in Legazpi

    Mayon Volcano National Park is a breathtaking experience full of adventure and exploration.

    There are many ways to get up close and personal with Mt. Mayon. It bases with bright green plains, rice fields, clean creeks, and rushing rivers. There are tons of trails to hike with varying levels of difficulty and observation decks that give you amazing views of the surrounding valley.

    You can also climb up nearby Lignon Hill Nature Park where you can take a 320-meter zip line down with incredible views of the mountain by your side.

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