The best things to do in Siargao Island, Philippines

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The best things to do in Siargao Island, Philippines
Siargao Island is located in the southern part of the country. It got a lot of attention in the past years for its great waves, friendly locals, and beautiful palm trees. It attracts surfers and travelers from across the country and as well as across the world. But what can you really do in Siargao?

  • See the barreling waves and surf

    See the barreling waves and surfSee the barreling waves and surf

    The first thing on the list is to learn how to surf (for beginners), and surf through the barreling waves (for experienced surfers). There are numerous surf breaks in Siargao where both seasoned surfers and beginners can enjoy fast and tubing waves.

    Beginners will have fun in Tuason’s Point because there are fast waves that break over shallow reefs, and paddling is quick and easy. But, those who have been surfing for a while will enjoy a week-long vacation in the island, as they can test their surf skills in Cloud 9, which is ranked as one of the top 10 spots across the globe for its waves. The ideal time to surf is between the months of July to December.

  • Go to Magpupungko Tidal Pool

    Go to Magpupungko Tidal PoolGo to Magpupungko Tidal Pool

    This is a famous spot in the province that will leave you undeniably speechless. The Magpupungko rock pools can be seen during low tide, thus making it a good time to explore. The shimmering and clear coral blue waters looks heavenly. Discover the coves and caves found here and as well as try out cliff jumping here too. However, it is advisable that before going here you make sure that you get there during low tide, so you really will be able to see its beauty.

  • Catch some waves at Cloud 9

    Catch some waves at Cloud 9Catch some waves at Cloud 9

    This surf break is widely considered one of the best in the world and it is Siargao’s claim to fame. Not long ago Siargao was only a small hamlet in the outer reaches of the Philippines with a legendary surf break that attracted determined surfers.

    There are a lot of surf breaks around the island and board rentals are cheap and plentiful with a nice selection of sizes. Even if you’re a larger guy it is likely you will be able to get your hands on a surfboard. There are a plethora of breaks around the island outside of Cloud 9.

  • Cool down at Taktak Falls

    Cool down at Taktak FallsCool down at Taktak Falls

    For first-timers or travel enthusiasts, it is never enough to visit the popular hangout places or try the most common activities. Take a step further, and find out what is unique to the island. For instance, take a full-day adventure up north on the island, and head over to Siargao’s only waterfall, Taktak Falls. Here, you can experience cliff jumping, tree jumping, and explore the top of the falls while you take a break from surfing or roaming around the island.

  • Experience Sohoton Cave

    Experience Sohoton CaveExperience Sohoton Cave

    There are a lot of things to do here, tons of attractions to see such as discover the mysterious and magical caverns, grand rock formations, dazzling lagoons, and numerous little islands. But the main Sohoton Cave is absolutely a must-not-miss. Jellyfish can be creatures to fear but luckily, here they are stingless jellyfish so you can admire them without fear.

  • Walk barefoot in Alegria Beach

    Walk barefoot in Alegria BeachWalk barefoot in Alegria Beach

    This secluded beach area is surely worth a visit because of its quiet environment (only a few locals hang out) and beautiful coastline. If peace is what you seek, then you will find that walking barefoot along its shores’ long stretch of pure white sand is both satisfying and calming to the senses. Moreover, non-surfers will enjoy the gentle waves and a more calm sea.

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