Choose the best destinations in the Philippines

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Choose the best destinations in the Philippines
Located at the very eastern edge of Asia, the Philippines are home to more than 7,000 islands, which are inhabited by friendly locals and many indigenous tribes. With its historic towns, pristine beaches, tropical climate and diverse landscapes, the Philippines is quickly emerging as a destination to rival nearby tourist hot spots in Asia.

  • Manila - the heart of Empire

    Manila - the heart of EmpireManila - the heart of Empire

    This Asian megacity is the capital of the Philippines. From the tall gleaming buildings on the skyscraper gazing tour to the turn-of-the-century landmarks on the self-guided downtown tour, Manila deserves one of the most beautiful spots in the Philippines that you need to visit once when traveling. Get the hang of Manila's transportation system, you can then move all around the city to see stunning top sights in this beautiful capital.

  • Palawan - the world's best island

    Palawan - the world's best islandPalawan - the world's best island

    One of the best places to visit in the Philippines, Palawan is an island province that stretches from Mindoro to Borneo between South China and Sulu seas. Puerto Princesa, which is close to large karst formations with an underground river, is the provincial capital. Coron Reefs on Busuanga Island is a popular diving spot, drawing divers who want to explore Japanese shipwrecks from World War II. Another popular destination is El Nido, a town sandwiched between towering limestone karst cliffs and the beautiful Bacuit Bay.

  • Cebu - the Queen City

    Cebu - the Queen CityCebu - the Queen City

    The "Queen City of the South" attract travelers for its stunning views, unique experiences both on land and at sea, and its native delicacies. From historic sites where Spanish settlers first landed to incredible underwater marine parks teeming with tropical sea life, you will not be able to get enough of Cebu. Moreover, the water around Cebu is known for its biodiversity, some famous dive spots around the area such as Sumilon Island and Moalboal, attract thousands of experienced divers every year.

  • Bohol - the sleepy island

    Bohol - the sleepy islandBohol - the sleepy island

    The huge orange eyes and tiny fingers of the miniscule tarsier serve as the spokesmodel for the island of Bohol. Known for the subtly erotic "Chocolate Hills" - the pride of the Bohol were named so for their color transition between the wet and dry seasons, turning brown during the latter, and closely resembling the famous Hershey’s Kisses chocolates. Most of the visitors travel to this region to partake in the breathtaking dive. It is the jumping off point for the marine reserves off of Panglao and Pamalican islands.

  • Vigan - the oldest town

    Vigan - the oldest townVigan - the oldest town

    This beautifully-preserved cobbled street is lined with colonial-era merchant houses and Baroque churches. Horse-drawn carriages, called kalesa, add to the beguiling atmosphere. Most of these elegant buildings are private homes, but a few have been converted into B&Bs and museums, allowing visitors the opportunity to see their equally-stunning interiors. Established in the 16th-century, the town’s unique architecture brings together elements of local, Chinese, and European architecture. It’s considered to be Asia’s finest example of a planned Spanish colonial town.

  • Sagada - the "Shangri-la" of the nation

    Sagada - the "Shangri-la" of the nationSagada - the "Shangri-la" of the nation

    Sagada is a stunning town set 5,300 feet above sea level in the north-central Philippines. The town’s landscape of caves, hiking trails, sculpted rice terraces, and lush karst mountains looks particularly stunning shrouded in the mists often present at its high altitude. According to traditional local culture, the spirits of the dead like to be close to the sky, and as a result, ancient coffins can be seen interspersed along the limestone cliffs.

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