The romantic places for couples in Manila

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The romantic places for couples in Manila
Despite the bustling streets and towering buildings, Manila is still filled with romantic places and activities, often tucked in places you would not expect.

Visiting the Philippine capital with a loved one? Here are some of the best things you can do to feel the love in the old city! Let’s explore!
  • Food Parks

    Food ParksFood Parks

    This is not a popular idea for a first date, but it is a fresh one. People bond over food. Why should two people on a date be any different? Instead of going to a fancy or your usual restaurant, do the rounds in food parks.

    You will have more choices and interesting ones for that matter. They often open in the evening and are usually decorated with a lot of lights that make them look like elevated food markets. This makes for a chill yet lively ambience.

  • Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant

    Lemuria Gourmet RestaurantLemuria Gourmet Restaurant

    Open since 2006, Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant offers French-Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines, ideal for a couples date night. It is tucked in a quiet village with a cozy vibe, giving guests both the elegance of a fine dining restaurant and the comforts of home. Wear dressy attire, walk on the cobblestone road leading up to the old house turned into a restaurant, and enjoy a six-course dinner with your loved one!

  • Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie

    Top of the Citi by Chef JessieTop of the Citi by Chef Jessie

    A delicious meal shared with a special person on a quiet rooftop in the middle of the metro, it does not get any more romantic than this. Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie offers such experience for couples, whether it is a first date or an anniversary celebration.

    The menu is comprised of French and Filipino cuisine, including steaks and Filipino classics such as adobo. The food, combined with a cozy interior and great views of the city, make for a great overall fine dining experience!

  • Mind Museum

    Mind MuseumMind Museum

    Why not have a fun and adventurous first date instead of the usual mellow one? Everyone knows by now that the Mind Museum unleashes the kid inside all of us and gives us all one heck of a good time. Get lost in the scientific games and interactive booths that will definitely make both of you smile and laugh.

    Another great thing about Mind Museum is that it sits in the middle of Bonifacio Global City, so you have a lot of eateries to choose from before or after your museum experience. It is a great combo for a first date. And that will surely break the ice.

  • Board Game Cafés

    Board Game CafésBoard Game Cafés

    Here is another unpopular idea. Why don’t you try and see how your date thinks in certain situations through a variety of board games and brain teasers? You will find plenty of games available in board game cafés. It is an easy and non-traditional way to understand how your date thinks, analyzes and, makes decisions while you open yourself up to the same light perusal.

    Do not take it too seriously though. Board games are still meant to be more fun and entertaining. On top of that, you can indulge and bond over delicious food and drinks in these cafés. Sounds like a good plan, right?

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