The best Filipino food chains you must try

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The best Filipino food chains you must try
Because of Filipinos’ love for food, the country is filled with countless food chains brought in from different parts of the globe. But the country also has a good selection of homegrown favorites. Here are some popular Filipino food chains locals love to patronize.

  • Jollibee


    Created in the Philippines, Jollibee was designed to be Asia's answer to McDonald's. Now expanded into United States, Jollibee, which was founded in 1978, has become a popular burger and fried chicken spot.

    But the chain's number one claim to fame is their spaghetti. Loaded with three kinds of meat, beef, ham, and sausage, and plenty of cheese and sauce, this is a must-order.

  • Pancake House

    Pancake HousePancake House

    Another comfort-food go-to is nostalgic Pancake House. Around for nearly half a century now, this restaurant holds a lot of good memories for Filipinos, with its bright interiors and fluffy, whipped butter-topped pancakes. For a full meal of their most popular menu items, order the House Specials Set, which includes their famous spaghetti, pan chicken, and hard-shell taco.

  • Greenwich Pizza

    Greenwich PizzaGreenwich Pizza

    Though the country has their own franchises of American-derived pizza places like Papa John's, Dominos, and Pizza Hut, this Philippines-based pie joint puts their own spin and flavors on one of America's favorite meals.

  • Burger King

    Burger KingBurger King

    Believe it or not, Instagram is not the first, world-wide famous brand to ever have the prefix “insta” in its name.
    Burger King was originally called “Insta-Burger King,” named after a broiler its original owners, Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns, bought to start their own burger chain. The prefix was removed in 1959 and the company known as Burger King has since expanded to more than 100 countries worldwide.

    Burger King is considered a higher-end fast food chain locally, focusing on the flame-grilled burgers that made the brand famous to begin with. Most of its restaurants are located within Metro Manila but the company is slowly but surely expanding to other provinces in the country.

  • Goldilocks


    Another sweet-tooth treat, Goldilocks has been delighting Filipinos both in the country and abroad for over 50 years. Filipinos who have migrated abroad will almost always put in a pasalubong request to visiting family members to bring over some of their classic polvoron or fluffy mammon, a request to which Filipinos will gladly oblige because they know nothing quite measures up to Goldilocks.

  • Yellow Cab

    Yellow CabYellow Cab

    Though often mistaken for a foreign chain, Yellow Cab actually started in the bustling city of Makati, Metro Manila early in 2001. 17 years later, their New-York-style pizzas have never waned in quality, and there are now over 100 branches nationwide. Get a box of their best-selling Original Dear Darla Pizza on your next movie night in who knew rolled thin crust pizza dipped in chilli oil could be this good?

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