The best things to explore in El Nido, Philippines

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The best things to explore in El Nido, Philippines
El Nido is one of the most breathtaking destinations in the Philippines. One glance at its jagged limestone landscapes, azure waters, and immaculate beaches, and you might declare it one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Here are the best things to see and do in El Nido.

  • Big Lagoon

    Big LagoonBig Lagoon

    You can opt to rent a kayak or hire a boat to take you to the Big Lagoon. When the current is not gliding you along, you will navigate around towering walls of jagged rock that look like they are CGI imposed until you come into a little inlet with bright sea foam green water with a little beach ahead. The lagoon is magical.
    The crystal water is almost glowing, bringing the entire backdrop to life. You can see Sea Urchins through the clear water, and little fish, too. All around you, the scenery is stunning with islands in the distance and winding rock towering over you.

  • Las Cabanas Beach

    Las Cabanas BeachLas Cabanas Beach

    Las Cabanas Beach offers everything you could want in a Philippine island beach, white sands, clear water, and palm trees lining the thing. However, Las Cabanas Beach has one extra feature that stands out: a zipline.

    From the beach, you will embark on a 10-minute climb up some stairs to reach the landing point. The experts will strap you in and send you down a 750-meter long zip line to feel the wind in your hair. This zip line is not particularly scary, but more so, an opportunity to soak some of the most gorgeous scenery you will ever see in your life.

  • Nacpan Beach

    Nacpan BeachNacpan Beach

    Nacpan Beach is an endless stretch of beach a little North of El Nido, about 20 minutes by tricycle. This laid-back beach is popular with travelers playing volleyball, soccer or just enjoying local food from the stalls. On the Southern tip there is the famous outlook Twin Beach a great photo spot and sunset point.

  • Snake Island

    Snake IslandSnake Island

    There are not any snakes out here. Rather, this island got its name from its long snake shape. This tiny sliver of sand, rock, and hill off the coast of El Nido is the perfect place to go exploring for an hour or so.

    Dock on the white sand beach and set inland. Climb up the rocky hill and when you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view. When you climb back down, visit one of the floating bars to get a coconut juice or a beer. Just be sure to properly discard your trash.

  • Zip lining El Nido

    Zip lining El NidoZip lining El Nido

    A little out of town towards the South there is a zip line that takes you to an offshore island. The Las Cabanas Zip Line is about 750 meters long, the ride is about 1 minute and the price for one way is around $15. You can walk back through the sea, as there is a sandbank between the island and the mainland.

  • Pukka Bar

    Pukka BarPukka Bar

    During the day, post up at Pukka Bar where you can feast on some mighty fine Western food that you have surely been missing by now. Have some seafood pasta and garlic bread along with an ice-cold San Miguel beer while listening to some chill tunes and making some new friends.

    When night rolls around, get ready to party. Pukka Bar becomes a backpackers dream with live music, fluorescent black lights, and social vibes that go until late.

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