Don't forget to visit these attractions in Cebu

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Don't forget to visit these attractions in Cebu
Cebu is truly an admirable destination among local and foreign tourists who consider themselves beach bums, adventure junkies, or city explorers. The island has so much to offer, from pristine beaches to historical landmarks to mouthwatering delicacies unique to the island. These are the top 5 attractions that should be on your bucket list.

  • Fort San Pedro

    Fort San PedroFort San Pedro

    Similar to Manila’s Fort Santiago, Fort San Pedro is a triangular-shaped bastion fort which served as a military defense structure during the 17th century. Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, who founded the earliest settlement in Cebu, had the initiative to put up this fortress. As the oldest and smallest fort in the Philippines, you’ll discover the history of Cebu, legacies of the Spanish government, and well-preserved Spanish artifacts. About 14 cannons can still be found in what has become a leisure park today.

  • Cebu Taoist Temple

    Cebu Taoist TempleCebu Taoist Temple

    Built in 1972, this landmark aims to preserve the teachings of Lao-Tse, the 600 B.C. Chinese philosopher. While it was not built for tourism purposes, it caught the attention of travelers because of its peculiar and artistic appeal. Entrance to the temple is reminiscent of the Great Wall of China. In addition, it also gives an overlooking view of the city from its spacious balcony. It has two temples, namely Phu Sian Temple and the Main Temple, which is open even to non-shippers. Travelers can also find a chapel, library, souvenir shop, and a wishing well.

  • Temple of Leah

    Temple of LeahTemple of Leah

    Dubbed Cebu’s version of India’s Taj Mahal, the Temple of Leah has been attracting foreign and local tourists for its Greek-inspired architectural shrine. Unlike India’s Taj Mahal, which is a mausoleum, the Temple of Leah serves as home to the treasures and memorabilia of the late Leah Albino-Adarna. Her husband, Teodorico Soriano Adarna, reportedly spent 80 million Philippine pesos to put up this temple as a symbol of his undying love for her. Located on top of a hill in Busay in Cebu City, the area provides travelers a scenic view from the top.

  • Malapascua Island

    Malapascua IslandMalapascua Island

    While the island’s name means “Bad Christmas,” the tiny island of Malapascua is far from giving you a bad experience. You won’t surely get disappointed upon seeing its unspoiled white sand beaches, beautiful coral gardens, and beaming marine life. Thus, it has earned the attention of local and foreign travelers as Malapascua eventually gained the title of being the country’s best dive spot. Get the chance to spot thresher sharks, enjoy unlimited scenic views, and immerse yourself in a laidback, relaxing atmosphere.

  • Oslob Whale Shark Watching

    Oslob Whale Shark WatchingOslob Whale Shark Watching

    When traveling in Cebu, don’t miss the chance to get up close with the friendly giant sea creatures of Oslob—the whale sharks. Considered to be the largest fish in the world, whale sharks grow up to 40 feet and can weigh about 20 tons. They can only be found in temperate oceans such as those off the coast of Cebu island. Local fishermen hand feed brine shrimp to the gentle giants in the shallow waters off Oslob—therefore luring them to rise above the waters. Apart from whale shark watching, some tourists also opt to swim with them and experience a unique wildlife interaction.

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