6 attractions in Vigan, Philippines

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6 attractions in Vigan, Philippines
Vigan is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines and part of the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its rich Hispanic towns and Spanish colonial history.

To this day, its heritage is well-preserved most intricately. Each visit will always be consistently and beautifully nostalgic. Get to know the city more personally with these featured attractions.
  • Calle Crisologo

    Calle CrisologoCalle Crisologo

    With over 200 homes still preserved from the Spanish Colonial period, Calle Crisologo has become the must-go to spot in Vigan. Recognized by UNESCO as a Heritage City. Walking along this street throws you back in time when only the rich occupied the area – but now, the cobble-stoned path is lined with vendors selling Vigan’s finest products.

  • Café Leona

    Café LeonaCafé Leona

    Named after the poetess Leona Florentino, this café is world famous and used to be her own ancestral home. It became a restaurant and continues to wow patrons with their longganisa and bagnet offerings. Tourists swear that they have had the best breakfast experience in the café. Besides Filipino foods, they also serve Japanese, Italian and Thai cuisine. The café is located in Calle Crisologo.

  • Crisologo Museum

    Crisologo MuseumCrisologo Museum

    The ancestral home turned museum belonged to one of Vigan’s most prominent sons, the late congressman Floro S. Crisologo. His wife, Carmeling Crisologo, had their home converted in memory of Floro after he was assassinated in another Vigan go-to, St. Paul’s Cathedral.

  • Bantay Bell Tower

    Bantay Bell TowerBantay Bell Tower

    Aside from the aerobic benefits, Bantay Bell Tower offers you postcard perfect scenery, a musical cacophony of bells ringing, the wonderful expanse of the sky, and tall, brick edifice that has been a witness to Vigan’s centuries of history. It stands beside the Sanctuary of the Nuestra Señora de La Caridad, one of the oldest churches in Ilocos Sur, where mass is still held regularly in one of its ruins.

  • Padre Burgos House

    Padre Burgos HousePadre Burgos House

    The two-storey museum is the ancestral home of Fr. Jose Burgos who was one of the three priests who were martyred during the Spanish rule. The Filipino priests, collectively known as GomBurZa, wanted Filipino priests to be treated equally as their Spanish counterparts.

  • Plaza Salcedo

    Plaza SalcedoPlaza Salcedo

    The park between Vigan Cathedral and the Provincial Capitol turns from a haven for picture taking at day to a stage of dancing lights at night that everyone can enjoy for free. Plaza Salcedo features an outdoor light and water show that is comparable to those you might see in other countries.

    As darkness falls, the fountain area at Plaza Salcedo gets jam-packed with tourists who come to witness a spectacular show of bright laser lights that illuminate the square. Jets of water spout from “dancing fountains” right on cue, making it look as if they are moving with flickering lights and slow- to fast-tempo music playing on the background.

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