The best places to enjoy insects in Thailand

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The best places to enjoy insects in Thailand
When you think of Thai cuisine, what comes to mind? Is it spicy, fragrant curry? Or rich, aromatic soup? Whatever it is, there is probably little chance you are thinking of creepy crawlies. However, eating insects in Thailand is common among the locals.

While many may find the thought a little off-putting, you may be surprised to learn that some of them taste pretty good.
  • Talad Rod Fai

    Talad Rod FaiTalad Rod Fai

    You never know what you are going to find at Bangkok’s first train market, Talad Rod Fai. From antique cars to secondhand clothing, you are always in for a surprise when meandering through this market’s seemingly endless number of stalls. The biggest surprise of all might be the bug vendor. Business is booming, and you will have to weave your way through paying customers to get a photo.

    The later you get to this market, the more sold out these carts will be. These vendors are different than those selling on Khao San Road because they are not catered to tourists. Instead, they sell bugs in small containers, for hungry Thais to take home with them and snack on later. To get to this market, take the BTS Skytrain to station On Nut. From there, you will have to take a taxi. Tell them to go to Seacon Square Shopping Mall or Talad Rod Fai. You can also take a motorbike taxi. This market is open from Thursday to Sunday, and the best time to come is anytime after 5pm.

  • Soi Patpong

    Soi PatpongSoi Patpong

    From the ogling foreigners to the lewd shows, there is always something at Soi Patpong to put you off your dinner though their insects for sale should not be one of them. Appetisingly laid out on display on a banana leaf, there are plenty of bugs for you to sample, from the thick and juicy palm worms to the smaller, crunchy fried ants. The smaller insects, fried in oil, are little more than a slightly pleasant crispy taste. Though the larger ones have a tendency to burst in the mouth. But do not worry, you will not be the first foreigner to throw up in Patpong, and you will not be the last.

  • Krabi Town Walking Street Market

    Krabi Town Walking Street MarketKrabi Town Walking Street Market

    The south of Thailand is known for its fiery hot curries and gorgeous beaches, but its insects are pretty good, too. Krabi Town’s sprawling walking street market has cold beers, live music, delicious Thai food and more bugs than an episode of Kitchen Nightmares – only these ones are meant to be eaten. Deep fried and lightly seasoned, they’re great with a beer and their extreme crunchiness makes them great bar snacks.

  • Khao San Road

    Khao San RoadKhao San Road

    This is an international gathering place for people from all over the world. East meets West here, and there are tons of new acquaintances to meet and novel food and beverage experiences to engage in.

    The markets, the nightlife, and the cocktail bars teem with humanity and with adventures. If you crave the comfort of traditional Western food, this is a great place to find it. But it is also the perfect place for a gastronomical adventure that you have never tried before. Scorpions, tarantulas, and the ever-popular fried crickets are all available for your pleasure.

  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    Chiang Mai Night BazaarChiang Mai Night Bazaar

    Insects are not just a Bangkok thing, they are enjoyed all over the country. Up in the northern highlands, Chiang Mai’s night bazaar has a bug stall or two for you to feast on, perfect recovery food for all those scenic hikes. The usual suspects can be found, crickets and worms, not to mention cicadas and whirligig beetles among a whole host of other delicious food choices and shops. Bring a toothpick though because yes, having a leg stuck between your teeth does happen, and it you need to be prepared for it – it is not a good look.

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