The great parks to take a walk in Bangkok, Thailand

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The great parks to take a walk in Bangkok, Thailand
Many people see Bangkok as a crazy, chaotic city full of skyscrapers, street food stalls and insane traffic, while this is basically true, many do not realize that there are many beautiful parks in Bangkok. Here is the awesome parks you can take a walk there.

  • Lumpini Park

    Lumpini ParkLumpini Park

    Lumpini Park or the “green lung” is one of Bangkok’s most beautiful and well-known parks. It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a picnic or exercise. The park covers an impressive 500.000 sq km and is home to varied plant and animal species. This natural sanctuary right in the middle of the city is a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok.

  • Chulalongkorn University and CU Centenary Park

    Chulalongkorn University and CU Centenary ParkChulalongkorn University and CU Centenary Park

    Visiting a university and unwinding do not seem to belong together, but they do. A few minutes from mega shopping malls, trendy boutiques and hip cafés in Siam is refreshingly green Chulalongkorn University. It is the oldest university in Thailand and you can explore some traditional-style buildings and museums there. Also close to the campus is CU Centenary Park. You will find even more plants along with public activities organized by the university’s faculties and students.

  • Chatuchak Park

    Chatuchak ParkChatuchak Park

    The Chatuchak Park is, as you might guess, right next door to the world famous Chatuchak Weekend Market. This park is popular with market visitors and also residents who live in the north of Bangkok.

    The Chatuchak Park has a large central lake with rowing boats available for hire. It has a picturesque bridge that crosses the lake, and is home to many different kinds of fish. There is also a popular Thai Literature and Herb Garden in the park.

  • Benjakiti Park

    Benjakiti ParkBenjakiti Park

    Visitors looking for a jogging path will be pleased to find the six-mile track around Benjakiti Park’s lake. With a separate bike lane to help avoid collisions and views of downtown’s skyline, it is a favorite of local runners. Moreover, the park’s central location near the Asok BTS makes it easily accessible.

  • Rama IX Park

    Rama IX ParkRama IX Park

    Spread out over 200 acres, Rama IX Park (Suan Luang Rama IX) is the largest green space in Bangkok. Though it is not free like the other parks and green spaces in Bangkok, the entrance fee of 10 baht is more than worth it. The park features not only a botanical garden, but also internationally-inspired gardens.

    You can literally hop from Japan to Italy to America and then back to the botanical garden and its ornate Thai pavilion in a lotus pond. During the Flower Festival in December, Suan Luang Rama IX will show its true colors with hundreds of flowers blooming. You can visit the park in any month, though. Water fun like sailing and kayaking is available every day.

  • Sanam Luang

    Sanam LuangSanam Luang

    Located just outside the Grand Palace, this is the perfect spot to rest your feet after exploring Bangkok’s main attractions. This green space was formerly used as a crematorium space for high-ranking members of the royal family including kings and queens.

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