What to buy as souvenirs in Bangkok, Thailand

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What to buy as souvenirs in Bangkok, Thailand
Nothing is ever more fun than buying things that you can get only in that country when traveling. Thailand is no exception when it comes to buying high-quality products at cheap prices.

Besides the cheap summery shirts and fisherman pants, here is the ultimate list of things you must get in Bangkok.
  • Thai spices

    Thai spicesThai spices

    If you want to bring the taste of Thai home, then you must grab some Thai spices before your flight. These come dried and in vacuum-sealed packs so you do not need to worry about their strong aromas while traveling on a vehicle. Chili pastes and hot sauces are also bottled in air-tight containers. Just check your country’s customs regulations to avoid problems.

    This souvenir is perfect if you love to cook and want to recreate that yummy Pad Thai or Tom Yum you had in Bangkok.

  • Jewelry


    This light, easy-to-pack souvenir is one you cannot leave Bangkok without them. You can buy as many pieces of jewelry as your heart desires, being that it is such a small souvenir. Secondly, the jewelry you purchase here will surely be special at home.

  • Thai coconut oil products

    Thai coconut oil productsThai coconut oil products

    Coconut oil has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years because of its numerous benefits. For ladies, it is an effective natural beauty product that helps in moisturizing skin and protecting hair from damage. It also acts as a sunscreen.

    This magical oil is practically available anywhere in Bangkok. Look for English labels to know the kind of coconut oil that you are buying. Popular products include virgin coconut oil, coconut oil hair products, and coconut oil bath items.

  • Siang Pure Oil

    Siang Pure OilSiang Pure Oil

    Siang Pure Oil is known to be a miracle worker for five common ailments including mosquito bites, muscular aches, dizziness, blocked nose, and stomach ache. It is especially famous for being a fast-acting agent, and promises near to instantaneous relief.

  • Bath and bloom products

    Bath and bloom productsBath and bloom products

    Be soothed by Bath and Bloom’s Thai Jasmine scent, guaranteed to loosen all your knots and calm all your nerves. Bath and Bloom products are a local beauty maintenance product, and are extremely popular in Bangkok. So, buy some back for your friends and family.

  • Thai silk products

    Thai silk productsThai silk products

    Anything made of authentic Thai silk is special because of the hand weaving process in its production. Caterpillars that produce the natural protein fiber are also specially fed on a strict diet of mulberry leaves. The result is the soft and delicate cloth that can be made into a scarf, a tie, a pillow cover, a cushion cover, a bag or a wallet.

    Any woman on the receiving end of this souvenir would be delighted with the beauty of the gift. A silk tie or shirt also has the power to bring a smile to a man’s face. These souvenirs can be folded and fit easily in your luggage.

  • Elephant-shaped souvenirs

    Elephant-shaped souvenirsElephant-shaped souvenirs

    Elephants are the national animal of Thailand, and as such, you will find their likeness in temple architecture, furniture, paintings and decor across the country.

    They also play a huge role in souvenirs. It is not just trousers, scarves and bags on which you will find elephants. From jade and wooden carvings to bronze moulds, from pottery sculptures to ceramic dishes, from keyrings to colourful soft toys, from hanging ornaments to jewellery, the elephant is a ubiquitous motif and a lovely reminder of these beautiful animals and their place in Thai culture and tradition.

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