5 best markets to visit in Daegu

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5 best markets to visit in Daegu
Daegu, South Korea boasts a diverse range of delicious food. From spicy steamed ribs to chewy hand-cut noodles, there are all sorts of simple but tasty Daegu specialties to please just about every palate. Visit these traditional markets and get tasting.

  • Seomun Market

    Seomun MarketSeomun Market

    Seomun Market is the traditional street market in Daegu, South Korea, containing more than 4,000 shops. It is also considered the biggest night market in Korea and one of the most popular local markets in Daegu. It has hundreds of shops and stalls selling all kinds of items such as handicrafts, textile, clothes and all kinds of food.

    The food vendors are the ones that tempt you with amazing smell and tasty flavor. A variety of dishes ranging from Korean, Japanese, Chinese and many other kinds can satisfy any picky customers. Some dishes worth trying are teokbokki, spicy rice cake, Tang Ho-lu, sugar syrup, coated strawberries and Yachae ttungttaeng samgyeopsal mari, grilled vegetable and pork belly.

  • Pyeonghwa Market

    Pyeonghwa MarketPyeonghwa Market

    Situated just a short walk from Dongdaegu Station, Pyeonghwa Market is a convenient spot to dine on the Daegu specialty of dakttongjip (sautéed chicken gizzard). Now home to over 30 restaurants, Pyeonghwa was first opened in the 1970s when a labor market was formed nearby. Laborers who failed to find work sought comfort in the market’s restaurants with a stiff drink and fried dakttongjip. Today, the dish is served in three different ways, fried, seasoned with sweet sauce, or marinated in salty soy sauce. One dish is hearty enough to satisfy a few people.

  • Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market

    Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night MarketGyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market

    Photo TouchDaegu

    Since the time of Korean war, Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market had a history of trading U.S military supplies such as US military uniform, American snacks and many other imported groceries and military goods. Until today, there are still a few military stores remaining and some kinds of snacks sold in this market are imported goods, which you can purchase at cheap price. Seasoned fish cake and squid-jeon are two most-preferred snacks they offer.

    At night, it is pretty easy for you to find some eye-catching food stalls. Some stalls selling common kinds of street food such as hot dogs, chicken feet, burger or sushi. Some others selling unique dishes that you might have never seen before. Whatever it is, the flavor is really tasty and unforgettable. Unlike crowded food vendors in Seomun where you cannot find a place to seat and enjoy the food, in Gyo-dong Dokkaebi market, there are places behind the food stalls for you to enjoy your dishes comfortably.

  • Anjirang Market

    Anjirang MarketAnjirang Market

    Among Anjirang Market’s most popular alleyways is Anjirang Gopchang Street. This area draws both college students on a budget, and businessmen looking to have a few drinks over gopchang (grilled pork intestines).

    As evening goes on, the aromas of gopchang begins to permeate the kilometer-long street. Pork intestines are slightly boiled before being grilled on a briquette fire. After caramelizing, the dish is chewy and rich, a combination adored by Koreans all over the peninsula. Each restaurant has its own unique seasoning and dipping sauce to differentiate their dish from the rest.

  • Chilseong market

    Chilseong marketChilseong market

    This market has been opened since 1950, when people still sold self-produced products at the riverside. At first, trading activities only operated among surrounding citizens, but through time, this market has been developed into a place that attracts fishers and farmers from all over the country. Chilseong market is at the center and surrounded by 5 other markets, Daegu Fruits and Vegetable market, Samsung market, Apple market, Buk-mun market and Kyeongmyeong market. This is a suitable place for those looking for agriculture products, and highly recommended for you to add on your grocery list is apple. One of the most favorite products in Chilseong market is apple, which has high quality and reasonable price.

    When shopping in this market, do not hesitate to ask for a small discount if you buy more than one product. Some shoppers will be glad to do so, but sometimes you might be refused. Crowded as it is, you still have a comfortable zone to park your vehicles which makes it easier to carry many things after shopping. Besides, transportation is also very easy since Chilseong market is near a subway station and a bus station as well.

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