Top underrated cities in South Korea

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Top underrated cities in South Korea
South Korea has been consistently rising to fame as one of the top Asian countries to visit. Coming from its rich history, natural and man-made points of interest, not to mention its distinct cuisine, South Korea is a destination bursting with rich visual and gastronomic highlights. While there are so many other cities and villages tastefully scattered all over the country, there are also areas that remain one of the most underrated South Korean cities.

  • Boseong


    To escape city life for a while and see the countryside of South Korea, plan to take a trip out to Boseong. This place is known as the tea farming capital of the country, and you can see farmers picking tea leaves in the fields still today. This place is very well known for its high-quality green tea and mountainous landscapes that surround the peaceful fields.

  • Sokcho


    Sokcho isn’t as large or busy of a city as many others on this list, but it’s a popular place to stay and see the nearby sites. You can get to Seoraksan National Park in about 30 minutes by bus from here, and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is about an hour away by bus. This national park is one of the most beautiful in all of South Korea, and popular attractions include the Geumganggul Cave and Biryong Waterfall.

  • Suwon

    Suwon Suwon

    Suwon is another great place to visit on a trip to South Korea. This area is best known as home of the Hwaseong Fortress, which was built in 1794 and circles around part of the city. This is a very large and impressive wall that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. You can also see the Suwon’s World Cup Stadium and relax in the large Manseok Park and its lake when you visit this area.

  • Gyeongju


    Gyeongju is a South Korean city along the coast with great historical significance and lots of opportunities to learn about it. Here you’ll find the Gyeongju National Museum with its over 16,000 artifacts, the Bukguk-sa Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the grass-covered burial mounds at Tumuli Park. The tombs of former kings can be found as you get into Gyeongju, and you can even go inside one of them.

  • Incheon


    The city of Incheon is a place to experience South Korea’s great history and diversity. There’s a Chinatown here that is home to a large Chinese population in the country. This is a port city and also home to Grand Park, Eurwagni Beach, Wolmido Island, and the Sinpo International Market. When you visit a town, you can also check out the Jeondeungsa Temple, relax in the Spasis spa and sauna center, and have a meal at the famous Buam Galbi Korean barbecue restaurant that serves up traditional pork belly and ox tongue.

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