Best late night restaurants to eat in Busan, Korea

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Best late night restaurants to eat in Busan, Korea
Busan is, for the most part, a 24-hour city. From late-night BBQ joints to seafood restaurants that stay open well into the wee hours of the morning, here are some of our personal favorites.

  • Tap and Tapas (탭 앤 타파스)

    Tap and Tapas (탭 앤 타파스)Tap and Tapas (탭 앤 타파스)

    The ambience and the décor of Tap and Tapas gives you the impression that you have been transported somewhere far away from the shores of Busan and over to the Mediterranean. Eat your way through the menu to savor the tastes of Spain in Korea. Plump Castelvetrano olives, nutty manchego, house-made Romesco, Spanish chorizo, and jamon Iberico all make for great late-night bites. If you’re in the mood, pair them with one of the gastropub’s hand-crafted cocktails. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Ilpum Hanwoo (일품한우)

    Ilpum Hanwoo (일품한우)Ilpum Hanwoo (일품한우)

    Savor traditional Korean dishes in the elegant Ilpum Hanwoo, a high-end restaurant that has taken pride in serving an assortment of local favorites, from seafood to Korean barbecue, since 2003. Each dish is constructed with the highest quality ingredients and carefully seasoned with representative spices, while a lively atmosphere is complemented with trendy furnishings.

  • Noran Mahura (노란마후라)

    Noran Mahura (노란마후라)Noran Mahura (노란마후라)

    If you find yourself feeling peckish in the early hours of the morning in the Cheongsapo neighborhood, head straight to Noran Mahura. Open until sunrise, the open-air tent restaurant offers a wide variety of local delicacies. Their best seller, however, is jogae gui, succulent grilled shellfish. Each table is equipped with a small grill, so patrons can cook their meal as they wish.

  • Anga (안가 숯불구이)

    Anga (안가 숯불구이)Anga (안가 숯불구이)

    Eat at your own pace and tailor your meal to your taste at Anga, one of the most raved-about barbecue establishments in Korea’s favorite beach city. Satisfy your late-night cravings with fatty cuts of samgyeopsal (pork belly), which you should wrap up sandwich-style in lettuce and wash down with so-maek, a cocktail of soju and beer.

  • Burger & Pasta (버거앤파스타)

    Burger & Pasta (버거앤파스타)Burger & Pasta (버거앤파스타)

    With four locations around Busan, Burger & Pasta offers a solid menu of pizzas, burgers, and brunch, while reasonable prices make the restaurant a hit with young Busanites. The stylishly decorated eatery also offers a great view of the seashore, which is especially stunning in the late hours of the evening.

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