The most beautiful beaches in Korea

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The most beautiful beaches in Korea
Korea is surrounded by water on three sides and has an array of beaches for the beach-bums. Some of these beaches are commercialised, offering watersport activities and great dining options, and others are quiet and secluded. If you wish a beach vacation in Korea, take your pick from this list of top 7 beaches in South Korea.

  • Jangho Beach

    Jangho BeachJangho Beach

    Known as the ‘Naples of Korea’, Jangho Beach in Samcheok, Gangwon Province is a must-visit spot if you would like to snorkel in Korea. The water is clear as crystal, allowing snorkelers to see beneath the water easily. You can also hop on a transparent canoe that allows you to see the underwater creatures from above the water. Clear your mind of stress and worries by spending a day in the see-through waters of Jangho Beach.

  • Jungmun Beach

    Jungmun BeachJungmun Beach

    Jungmun Beach is the southernmost beach of Korea, located at Jeju Island. This 560 meters long beach is a very popular destination for travelers and locals alike. Water sports like windsurfing or jet skiing can be done here, and water of the beach is warm enough for a dip from the start of summer till around August. The sand of this beach is of varying colours, such as black, red, brown and white. Jungmun Beach is surrounded by picturesque scenery all around, with cliffs and caves and rare plants of many kinds.

  • Naksan Beach

    Naksan BeachNaksan Beach

    Naksan Beach stretches four kilometres along the south coast of mainland Korea. In summer, the beach sees a large number of tourists who are drawn to its beauty. The waters of the beach are shallow and clear, and a peak called Nak-San, accessible with a short hike, offers great views. Other attractions nearby include Naksansa Temple and Uisangdae.

  • Cheongsihaeng Beach & Yeongjin Beach

    Cheongsihaeng Beach & Yeongjin BeachCheongsihaeng Beach & Yeongjin Beach

    If you would like to explore the must-visit beaches in Gangneung, a famous coastal city on the east coast, you should definitely visit Cheongsihaeng Beach & Yeongjin Beach, which are the filming location for the famous K-pop and K-drama. Cheongsihaeng Beach is well-known as “BTS Bus Top”, where “You Never Walk Alone” music video filming location was filmed. Yeongjin Beach was the setting of the iconic scene of sensational K-drama “Goblin”.

  • Eurwangni Beach

    Eurwangni BeachEurwangni Beach

    With a gentle slant and shallow waters, Eurwangni beach is great for those who want a quick, easy beach stop. Surrounded by local restaurants, follow up your afternoon at the beach with a delicious seafood dinner.

  • Gwangalli Beach

    Gwangalli BeachGwangalli Beach

    Along with Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach is another popular beach in the area of Busan. Gwangalli Beach is an excellent beach to visit both during the day and the night, as visitors can take a dip in the emerald blue water in the daytime and get a spectacular view of Gwanandaegyo Bridge lighting up the dark sky in the night time.

  • Aewol Gwakji Gwamul Beach

    Aewol Gwakji Gwamul BeachAewol Gwakji Gwamul Beach

    The Aewol Handam Coastal Trail is a great way to explore the natural wonders of Jeju. Walk along the curvy coastline formed by black volcanic rocks and enjoy the tranquility of Jeju. In the spring, you can behold an extraordinary scene of rape flowers blooming along the coastline. This trail is a wonderful opportunity to embrace the cool coastal breeze while taking in the remarkable scene.

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