7 interesting fall festivals in Korea

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7 interesting fall festivals in Korea
Fall is one of those seasons that is just dazzling in South Korea, if you are not staying indoors depressed that summer is saying goodbye for another nine months.

From cultural and traditional events to foodie fun and performances, too, there is much to enjoy all around the country. Here are 7 fun fall festivals in Korea to check out.
  • Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival

    Masan Gagopa Chrysanthemum FestivalMasan Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival

    Another crowd favorite, the Masan Gagopa Crysanthemum Festival is a chance to gather and take in the natural beauty of the Masan district. The festival happens the last week of October and is centered on the beauty of the chrysanthemum, a flower that the Masan district is famous for cultivating. If you are in Masan, take the opportunity to stop and smell the roses or the chrysanthemums.

    Festival Dates: Oct TBA, 2019

  • Jarasum Jazz Festival

    Jarasum Jazz FestivalJarasum Jazz Festival

    While summer may be known for outdoor music festivals, that does not mean they stop when the cooler breezes blow in. This jazz festival, set on Jaraseom Island is one of the biggest fests of the season with live music to boot. Korean and international jazz artists will come together to showcase some smooth jazz stylings for this fests 13th year of musical fun.

    Festival Dates: Oct 12 ~ Oct 14, 2019

  • Wanju Wild Food Festival

    Wanju Wild Food FestivalWanju Wild Food Festival

    The Wanju Wild Food Festival is a festival that brings together lovers of food, nature, and sustainability. The festival was originally put together to highlight all of the awesome aspects of Wanju, therefore, the food that is provided at the festival incorporates locally grown produce and locally raised and butchered meats and seafood.

    Through eating food comprised of mostly wild, unprocessed ingredients, chefs hope to make festival attendees look back and reminisce about simpler times. If eating food, spending time outdoors, and learning about wildlife sounds like something you would be interested in, do not miss this festival!

    Festival Dates: Oct 5 ~ Oct 7, 2019

  • Fireworks Festival

    Fireworks FestivalFireworks Festival

    Come October, the two most populated cities in the country roll up their sleeves to put on spectacular fireworks shows. The fire flowers, as they could be translated from Korean, light up the night sky over the Han River in Seoul and over the beaches of Gwanganli in Busan. Massive crowds gather at both locations to ooh and aah together as blasts fill their ears and light fills their eyes.

    If you are in Seoul, try getting a good standing spot Mapo Bridge to see the show and meander across north to Gongdeok Station to get in and out while seeing the show as fast as possible. Otherwise, plan on getting to Yeouido park mad early in the day to get a seat with your blanket.

    Festival Dates: Nov 2, 2019

  • Hyo Culture Ppuri Festival

    Hyo Culture Ppuri FestivalHyo Culture Ppuri Festival

    If you are in the Daejeon area in the fall and want to witness some traditional Korean ceremonies, then you will want to check out the Hyo Culture Ppuri Festival. In addition, you will get to experience a parade, tasty street food, and a fusion music performance.

    Festival Dates: Oct TBA, 2019

  • Seoul Lantern Festival

    Seoul Lantern FestivalSeoul Lantern Festival

    The Cheonggyecheon Stream flowing through Seoul is often home to festivals or exhibitions and each fall one of the best events lights up the night there. For 1.2 kilometers from the beginning of the Cheonggyecheon Stream just south of Gwanghwamun Square to Supyo Bridge, lanterns in all shapes and sizes from traditional characters and symbols to updated animation characters too are on display.

    The lanterns are there all day, but the show really starts in the evening when the sun sets and the lanterns are turned on! Do not miss this fun event downtown. Heading there on a week day is highly recommended as the weekends see just tons of people in the mood for some lantern viewing.

    Festival Dates: Nov 1 ~ Nov 17, 2019

  • Muju Firefly Festival

    Muju Firefly FestivalMuju Firefly Festival

    Be sure to kick off the fall season with the Muju Firefly Festival, which takes place from August 29th to September 5th. The fall Korean festival celebrates nature and fireflies, and it offers guests the opportunity to participate in nighttime activities that involve finding and observing fireflies in their natural habitat. There are also plenty of outdoor activities during the daytime for festival attendees. Start your autumn off right and marvel at some natural beauty during this festival!

    Festival Dates: Sep 1 ~ Sept 9, 2019

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