4 famous traditional markets in South Korea

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4 famous traditional markets in South Korea
Traditional markets in Korea offer a variety of unique scenes every day. Marketplaces bustle with life, activities, and the voices of vendors bargaining with customers. These traditional markets provide a livelihood for many Koreans.

Vendors serving customers no matter the weather, the culture of “deom” (adding additional items to the purchase for no extra charge), and affectionate haggling are a few of the unique aspects of the Korean marketplace culture.
  • Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market

    Jeju Dongmun Traditional MarketJeju Dongmun Traditional Market

    Established after the liberation in 1945, Dongmun Market continues to maintain its traditional heritages but took several different looks in order to maintain a welcoming environment for visitors from inland as well as countries overseas. The market holds prestigious name for providing freshest ingredients caught right from the Jeju's seashores, therefore the market is always abundant with seafood and restaurants specializing in the dish. Being one of the most popular traditional markets in Jeju, Dongmun also serves the region's specialty items such as omegi-tteok (Jeju traditional millet ball cake), gogi-guksu (noodle soup with meat), hall along (large tangerine with a protruding stem), diver's gears and countless more at inexpensive prices.

  • Chuncheon Romantic Market

    Chuncheon Romantic MarketChuncheon Romantic Market

    Chuncheon Romantic Market (formerly called Jungang Market) is a traditional market in Chuncheon that sells hanbok, bags, shoes, clothes, electronic appliances, jewelry, and food. The market's modern look is a product of a development project that started in 2002. The market also takes steps to attract more visitors by organizing various events and programs.

  • Gyeongju Jungang Market

    Gyeongju Jungang MarketGyeongju Jungang Market

    Recommended for one of the top destinations to go, the Jungang Market in Gyeongju was officially open in 1983. Nearly 700 stores selling clothing, oils, rice cakes, vegetables, general household goods, and other local specialties, the place has been successfully operating for more than hundreds of years. The market is held every fifth day, on 2nd and 7th day of each month, therefore visitors are advised to check and confirm the dates in advance.

  • Jeonju Nambu Traditional Market

    Jeonju Nambu Traditional MarketJeonju Nambu Traditional Market

    Jeonju is famous for a handful of attractions as it hosts the annual Jeonju International Film Festival, and presents beautiful villages filled with traditional charms. In addition to these, another place highly recommended visiting for local and international visitors alike is the city's Nambu Traditional Market. This commercial area was recently added with youthful energy accompanied by Cheongnyeon (Youth) Mall's. It was first introduced in 2011 for the purpose of the city's continuous growth and fostering cultural development. Now tourists not only can enjoy delicious kongnamul-gukbap (bean sprout and rice soup) here but impressive changed made by ardent young entrepreneurs.

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