6 reasons to take a trip to Seoul in 2020

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6 reasons to take a trip to Seoul in 2020
Seoul is riding a wave of creativity. From fashion to food, architecture to art, the city has become a creative haven for those looking to make their mark. It is packed with trendsetting residents who have helped create a future-proof city that still honors its distinctive past.

Temples and skyscrapers mingle across the city while acclaimed chefs fuse bygone dishes with tasty new trends in South Korea’s famed cuisine. It truly is a city built for the curious, for those who do not like to stand still and, if you are not convinced already, here are 6 reasons why Seoul should be the next destination you visit.
  • Amazing food

    Amazing foodAmazing food

    If you love spicy food, then you have come to the right place. Korean BBQ, the city's well-known cuisine, involves grilling fresh cuts of beef or pork tableside. Unlimited portions of side dishes, including soups, fresh vegetables and spicy sauces, are served at the table. Kimchi, a spicy fermented cabbage dish, is usually mixed with rice or soup and is consumed with almost every meal.

  • The culture

    The cultureThe culture

    Like with any Asian country, culture is what makes the destination so fulfilling as it is. South Korea is no exception as it is rich history and proud tradition due to Korea’s strong heritage. The Korean culture is evident throughout, from their polite manners, fantastic food, strong family values, deep history and even their traditional dress (hanbok), South Korea is full of culture and ethics.

  • Get years ahead in technology

    Get years ahead in technologyGet years ahead in technology

    South Korea is known for being an extremely technologically advanced country. Seoul, in particular, has shown an incredible passion for innovation in both technology and the architecture of its cityscape. Lotte World Tower, for example, opened in early 2017 and is now the tallest building in the country. What is even more fascinating is its elevator. Traveling at ten meters per second, the double-decker elevator is the fastest of its kind worldwide. On top of that, it is the world’s first elevator with animated screens on all sides and the ceiling projecting the development of Seoul from the Joseon Dynasty until today.

  • Thriving nightlife

    Thriving nightlifeThriving nightlife

    The nightlife in Seoul feels like a nonstop party, and drinking alcohol is a frequent social event among friends. Many people imbibe local rice liquor called soju, which is normally served in a green glass bottle. It's similar to sake of Japan, but soju is actually the most popular liquor sold in the world (more than 61 million cases were sold in 2013).

    Whether you like to kick back and enjoy a beer with some friends, or dance at a nightclub, Seoul has something for you. Head to Gangnam, Itaewon and Hongdae to experience the best after-hours entertainment, almost nothing closes until the sun rises.

  • Lush landscapes within the City Centre

    Lush landscapes within the City CentreLush landscapes within the City Centre

    As mentioned previously, the views and gardens within and around the city are beautiful. It is fascinating how a big city like, with millions in population, can get it so right. It is quite mesmerising to see the colour throughout the city and it is a Credit to whoever is responsible for the glamorous layout. No matter whichever the season you are visiting, Seoul is always looking fabulous.

  • Ancient history

    Ancient historyAncient history

    All around Seoul, there are dozens of colorful and detailed Buddhist temples that preserve a rich, ancient heritage. Buddhism was introduced to Korea in the fourth century, and according to a recent government survey, about 25 percent of Koreans still identify themselves as Buddhist. Buddhist temples like Jogyesa, Myogaksa, Bongeunsa and Jingwansa (situated within Bukhansan National Park) are some of the city's must-see religious sites.

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