Top 5 attractions in Yongin, Korea

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Top 5 attractions in Yongin, Korea
Yongin is located in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. With a population of nearly 1 million, the city has developed abruptly since the 21st century, recording the highest population growth of any city in the country.

Yongin is home to Everland and Caribbean Bay, the most popular amusement and water parks in South Korea. The city is also home to the Korean Folk Village.
  • Everland Resort

    Everland ResortEverland Resort

    Everland Resort is a classic theme and amusement park in South Korea. The Everland Resort is a dream-like place for everyone, as people can visit the wildlife zoo by jeep, a marketplace whose theme is the world's main cities and a flower celebration that changes every season, as well as thrilling and exciting recreational activities, such as the happy and inspiring flower parade, rollercoaster and T-Express.

  • Hwaseong Fortress

    Hwaseong FortressHwaseong Fortress

    Hwaseong Fortress in the town of Suwon is just a 30-minute train ride from Seoul. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of Korea’s most important historical treasures and is the only remaining walled fortress in the country.

  • Samsung Innovation Museum

    Samsung Innovation MuseumSamsung Innovation Museum

    Samsung Innovation Museum exhibits the history and the future of such innovations brought by the electronics industry. You can see not only the history of the electronics industry but the achievements that Samsung Electronics has made in the IT industry with its leading semi-conductor, display and mobile technologies.

  • Korean Folk Village

    Korean Folk VillageKorean Folk Village

    Situated in the city of Yongin close Seoul, South Korea, the Korean Folk Village is an outdoors living historical center where you can encounter conventional Korean culture. The 243 section of land zone enables you to encounter how life was amid the late Chosun Period which kept going from the 1700s to 1910.

    The town contains in excess of 260 conventional style structures and in excess of 30,000 family things from various areas in Korea. The Korean Folk Village has a conventional road market, eateries, and grandstands with customary carpentry and metalworking systems. Conventional functions and moves are additionally performed in the town.

  • Caribbean Bay

    Caribbean BayCaribbean Bay

    Caribbean Bay is the largest both indoor and outdoor waterpark in the world, conveniently located close to Seoul, and part of the Everland Resort. Here, not only can you enjoy swimming and water amusement rides, but you can relax in hot spring waters year-round. Take a leisurely float along the indoor river, speed down waterslides, relax in the hot pools and sauna or brave 2.4 meter waves. This Caribbean-themed park provides a holiday-like atmosphere and aquatic fun for all ages.

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